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GARY HftCK.6.rr ito 

Southbridge High School 

25 Cole Avenue 

Southbridge, MA 01550 

Volume 26 

he unique qualities of the students and faculty at SHS are intertwined into a picture 
perfect portrait of the masterpieces we are. We enter as an empty paint canvas without 
color, a clump of clay that has not yet been sculpted, or an idea that has not yet been 
composed. Day by day we are brought to life. Year by year color is added to the picture, the 
clay begins to take shape, and the idea starts to develop. Each form begins to reflect its own 
identity and personality. Every person is becoming an individual work of art. Through time, 
spent at SHS our picture is finally completed. The clump of clay is now a beautiful sculpture 
and the idea, a story. The intricate work of each individual has produced a masterpiece that re- 
presents all of us. 

Top Lett: Tony Roscioli and Danny Cournoyer pose as Craig Boisvert imitates his idol. 
Below: Tracy Normandin, Jason Cantara, Lori Nedzweckas, Kelly Brosnahan, Eric Pulsifer, 
Amber Davis, and Mike LeDonne enjoy a break in art class. 

Left: Mme. Jowett demande: "Parlez-vous 


Newcomer Randy Gameau and freshman Becky Kusek choose a des- 
sert, while Tammy Donahue, Penny Boyer and Mrs. Staffieri select their 

main courses. 

Inset: Tim Bachand, Ed Galonek, Kyriakos Konstantakis, and Gary Peck 
show off their football hairdos to newly appointed physical educator. Dr. 


An empty paint canvas sits in the corner of a room. 
Strokes from the master's brush begin to create an image. 
In this masterpiece he is painting we start to see a little bit 
of each of us. 

Need we say more, for a picture paints a thousand 


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Lisa Ayotte: Band, Softball, Basketball, 3 yrs. 
Border Conference All-Star in Softball , , , 
Missed most: school activities/sports, school 
concerts . . . the least: lunches, dances . . . 
Memories: 1984-1987 Basketball and Softball 
seasons, McMahon Field and Hampton. 

Tye Baker: Student Council, Varsity Football, 
Golf, J.V. Basketball . . . Missed most: Playing 
Bartlett , . , Memories: "Bake's Fist of Fury." 

Tina-Marie Beaudry: Varsity Cheerleading, 
Band . . . Missed most: Miss Swiacki, football 
games . . . the least: gym, the attendance 
policy . . . Memories: crazy times with Michelle, 
Marty, 1st place trophies at Bartlett at Cheer- 
leading Competition. 

Michael Benoit: Missed most: Hampton trips, 
P.B., J.C, R.K., D.R., Ml. ... the least: quiet 
study, Biology . . . Memories: Bumper skiing 
with Rich, Mt. Snow weekend, $75 p.r. 

Tara Benoit: Class Secretary, Student Council, 
Student Advisory Committee (captain), Vice 
President (soph). Student Government Day, 
Prom Committee . . . Missed most: Spanish 
class with Mrs. Staffieri, activities, Show Choir 
. . . the least: Typing — Junior year, quiet 
study . . . Memories: Lisa's New Years Eve, 
France '85, 

Kelly Brosnahan: Missed most: art class, Span- 
ish class, friends . . . the least: people who 
know they're better than everyone else. . . . 
Memories: get togethers at Nilza's, Lisa pay- 
ing me to sit with her at lunch. 

Michelle Byron: Art Club, Media Center Club, 
HMH, Media Center Club (secretary) . . . 
Missed most: friends, D.C., T.L., N.M., M.P., D.L., 
goodtimes (rallies, movies) . . . the least: 
homework, Mrs. Gately , . , Memories: College 
bio — fish — ticket, Hampton, 

Donna Cadarette: Missed most: friends, the 
teachers . . , the least: doing homework, 
studying for tests . . . Memories: falling off the 
bar in gym, throwing cupcake liners, 

John Calcagni: Football . . . Memories: great 
times with M.B., D.R., P.B., M.L., R.K., L.E.L., Mt. 

Jason Cantara: Basketball, Soccer, Year- 
book Business Staff . . . Missed most: visiting 
Mrs. Dunny, Mrs. Varin, and Mrs. Nurse all in one 
period ... the least: first period gym class, film 
strips in U.S. History class . . . Memories: "Being 
with all of US and not them!" 

Daniel Carragher: Chorus, Show Choir, Dra- 
ma, Math team, National Honor Society, Cen- 
tral District, All State and All Eastern Seaboard 
Chorus Acceptance . . . Missed most: friends 
K.S., T.L., S.B., CD., the life and hard times of 

room C003 . . . the least: wrestling, "Open 
study?" . . . Memories: all the lip, all the friends 
and lingo (brunch club). 

Gregory Champeau: Captain Football, Sum- 
mer League Basketball . . . Missed most: .65 
lunches, Mr. McManis . . . the least: Mrs. 
O'Leary Mendez, Losing Thanksgiving Day 
game in '85 . . . Memories: the spa. 

Mary Chaplin: Softball, JV Basketball, Band 
, . . Missed most: insults in the band room . . . 
the least: Mr. Y's composition class . . . Memo- 
ries: JV Softball record at 0-10, Muppet wom- 

Lisa M. Clapp: Tennis, Class Secretary, Prom 
Committee . . . Missed most: my friends, sitting 
next to Greg C, in homeroom ... the least: 
"US," fake friends. 

Michelle Cloutier: JV Softball, JV Basketball, 
Media Club, Flag Corps . . . Missed most: CD., 

M.D., E.T the least: "Show don't tell" — 

Mr. Y., 20 minute workout . . . Memories: Eu- 
rope of '87, June 19, 1986 — Athas. 

Sherrie Cotton: Tennis, Student Leaders, Na- 
tional Honor Society . . . Missed most: Mrs. 
Varin and Mrs, Dunn, friends ... the least: 
lunch, quiet study! . . . Memories: 6/14/86 
N.D., T.J., J.M., S.C., Halloween Party II. 

Nilza Delgado: Softball, Winter Carnival, Stu- 
dent Leader . . . Missed most: great times with 
teachers and friends , . . the least: quiet study 
. . , Memories: 4/26/86 S.O. my 16th and 17th 
B-Day parties, Sophomore year. 

Kimberly Desorcy: Missed most: Business 

classes, P.K., P.L., T.K., J.C the least: the 

cold classrooms, Mr, H's whistle in the cafete- 
ria .. . Memories: Hampton Beach '86, the four 
years of classes with Mr. Welch. 

Marilena DeGregorio: Missed most: friends, 
quiet study, gym 1st period of the day . . . 
Memories: 16th B-day, Accounting class, 

Maureen Doyle: J.V. Softball, Yearbook Pro- 
duction Staff, Yearbook. Senior. Editor . . . 
Missed most: my friends . . . the least: 20 min- 
ute workout . , . Memories: New Year's Eve '85 
with Missy and Alyssa, times with Missy L. 

Kristin Dunlop: Missed most: friends, walking 
to class with J.C. ... the least: homework and 
tests, quiet study . . , Memories: summer of 
'86, me and Lisa C, in Webster. 

Lea Dumas: Basketball . . . Missed most: real 
friends, Jimmy . . . the least: fake friends, ru- 
mors . . . Hampton with K.K., L.F., K.H., Tita. 

Glen W. Dunn: Missed most: Mr. T's Biology 
class, .65 ... the least: my mother, smoky 
bathrooms . . . Memories: redecorating bath- 

rooms, watching football practice. 

Cynthia Duquette: Math team, Art club, and 
freshmen skit . , . Missed most: Mr. LeBlanc, 
friends, and classes . . . the least: Mr. Welch 
yelling . . . Memories: my parties, Europe. 

Bruce A. Earnest: Select Chorus, Show Choir 
. . . Missed most: the music department, B.N., 
my friends and the cliques . . . the least: gym 
with the seniors, . . . Memories: Bye Bye Birdie, 
finally being a senior. 

Susan M. Eisner: Student Government Day, 
skits . . . Missed most: all my friends. Mythology 
with Glenn . . . the least: the 20 minute wor- 
kout, homework . . . Memories: the Halloween 
party with T.S. and CM., summer of '86. 

Karen Farrand: Art Club, Math Team, Class 
Secretary, National Honor Society Secretary, 
Library aide . . . Missed most: friends and 
teachers . . . the least: hours of homework, 
Freshmen gym class . . . Memories: Jim and 
the band, football games, 

Lisa Ferron: Missed most: special friends, fun- 
times . . . the least: fake friends . . . Memories: 
Friday nights with Kelli and Kelly, Nichols with 

Michelle Gaulin: Varsity Cheerleading, 
Marching and Concert Band, Class skits . . . 
Missed most: friends . . . the least: cafeteria 
food, gym classes . . . Memories: John, good 
times spent with my friends. 

Agnes Gines: Concessions, Prom Committee, 
Gregg typing Awards . . . Missed most: friends, 
lunch period/in between classes . . . the least: 
classes, quiet study . . . Memories: 5/23/86 — 
(Sam, Sherrie, Irene, Davey, Juni), Dresser St. 
(Animal House). 

Samantha Giovanello: Concessions, Prom 
Committee, Typing awards . . . Missed most: 
good friends, going out on weekends . . . the 
least: lunch, quiet study . . . Memories: 5/23/ 
86 — (Anges, Sherrie, Irene, Davey, and Juni), 
Hampton with Amy. 

Jennifer Guertin: Missed most: friends D.L., 
L.F., K.K., K.H., AG., J.M., N.D., L.C., T.J., Ml., 
K.L., L.D.,; competition between everyone! 
, . , the least: fake friends, gym class . . . 
Memories: A.M. and L.F. at BBPL/Sean's Tor- 
ino, summers of 85-86 with Sean. 

Tracy Jacques: Softball, Tennis, JV Cheer- 
leading, Winter Carnival, Spring Day, Conces- 
sions, Prom Committee, Student Council, 
Hyannis, MASC Conventions, Class Vice Presi- 
dent, Student Advisory Council . . . Tennis Un- 
sung Hero Award . . . Missed most: Class of '87, 
Tony Roscioli's smile . . . the least: 20 minute 
workout, quiet study . . . Memories: Library 




with Kelli Kane. K.D.. L.C., T.R., K.K., M.L.. J.C., 
L.L., S.C., J.M. 

David Jolin: Missed most: getting together in 
the bathroom, being absent . . . the least: 
conceited people, guys who dress like fe- 
males . . . Memories: Quincy Market, Pinata 

Ruby Jones: Track . . . Missed most: my friends 
especially Tina Kondracki, Tracy Vecchia, 
Jenni Champagne; fun times . . , the least: His- 
tory classes, gym . , . Memories: friends. 

Michelle Julian: Missed most: my friends . . . 
the least: homework, cafeteria in the morning 
. . . Memories: Rob, Junior prom. 

Kelli Kane: Missed most: my friends, Mr. Hoo- 
gasian . . . the least: the men, the schoolwork 
. . . Memories: Hampton Beach '86 with Kris- 
ten, Lisa, Lea, Kelly H. 

Linda L. Kantorski: Field Hockey, Basketball, 
Softball, Student Leaders, Student Council, 
Who's Who, National Honor Society, Posters 
and Skits; Border Conference All Star, Spanish 
Honors Award, Captain Field Hockey and 
Softball, Secretary and Vice-President of Stu- 
dent Council, President of Student Leaders 
. . . Missed most: visiting Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. 
Varin, my friends . . . the least: class skits and 
posters, silver key chains . . . Memories: Hyan- 
nis with Jules and Nationals, Coach's house 
with M.R.. N.L., S.C., I.G., R.L., N.D., M.L., N.A. 

Richard Kayser: Outstanding student in 
French I . . . Missed most: hanging around the 
school on a Friday night with my friends, mess- 
ing around in school . . . the least: being ev- 
eryone's taxi service, school lunch and quiet 
study . . . Memories: great times with Ml., 
M.B., P.B., J.C., D.R.. D.F., walking down Mt. 

Tina Kondracki: Gregg Typing Award, Missed 
most: my friends. Class of 1987 ... the least: 
getting up early to catch the bus, gym with 
Mr. Theodoss . . . Memories: J.C., R.J., S.E., 
D.M., S.C.. T.N.. PL., A.G., I.G., T.G., Miss Lenti's 
study hall period 4 with P.L., T.G., J.J., A.G.. 

George Konstantakis: Football. Student 
Council, National Honor Society . , . Missed 
most: Good times at school and at football 
practice, the guys . . . the least: school 
lunches (pot luck supreme, grilled cheese), 
Bachand hitting me in the hallway . . . Memo- 
ries: hanging out at the school, last year's los- 
ing season and this year's come back. 

Lisa Lynn Kosinski: Missed most: Julie's house, 
Mr. Bialy . . . the least: Hair in my lunch . . . 
Memories: camping with Kelli and Company, 
week at Hampton with Kris and Kel. 

Pamela Kusek: Missed most: my friends, good 
times . . . the least: homework, Mr. Hooga- 

sian's whistle . . . Memories: Notre Dame 
dances. Summer of 86'. 

Diane Labuda: Tennis, Prom Committee . . . 
Missed most: going to lunch, Algebra class 
with Kelly and Lauren . . . the least: Physics, 
fake friends . . . Memories: Prom with Pat, sum- 
mer of '86. 

Jennifer L. Lacroix: Yearbook, Concession . . . 
Missed most: friends and good times, gossip 
. . . the least: lunches, gym, snobs . . . Memo- 
ries: Hampton '86, the field. 

Kristen Lanza: Yearbook Business Sales Staff 
. . . Missed most: my few friends, unnecessary 
hallway walking ... the least: the rumors, the 
nosy people who started the rumors . . . 
Memories: 12/11/1983, gas money??? 

Marcia A. Lavallee: Yearbook Business Sales 
Staff . . . Missed most: with friends, the hallway 
walks . . . the least: classes, lunches, running 
track . . . Memories: Mr. Houde's class, No- 
vember 8, 1986. 

Kim L. Leboeuf: Marching Band, Concert 
Band, Dual County Band . . . Missed most: my 
friends, rallies, assemblies, and football games 
. . . the least: homework, cafeteria food . . . 
Saturday nights with J.D., times with Z.Z., T.B., 
N.M., A.D., S.M., M.P., G.B., and J.D.. 

Michael LeDonne: Missed most: Girls (some), 
being with people . . . the least: immature 
people . . . Memories: Quincy Market, going 
out with R.K., J.D., J.C., D.R., M.B., P.B.. 

David M. Lenti: Football, Student Govern- 
ment Day, Skit Committee . . . Missed most: 
"US" . . . the least: "them", hump day prac- 
tices . . . Memories: finding out who my friends 
really are, graduation '86. 

Thomas M. Lisi: Show Choir, Tennis . . . Missed 
most: Show Choir, friends Chaka . . . the least: 
SHS math department, wrestling . . . Memo- 
ries: Philadelphia — B.M.A., theory and "The 
Crimson Classics" with Chaka. 

Sue Lyon: Concert Choir . . . Missed most: 
friends, hanging out in Worcester with B.M. 
and B.C. . . . the least: classes with homework, 
gross lunches . . . Memories: 12-4-84, 5-23-86, 
Canada with E.R., Hampton '86. 

Nancy Madura: Missed most: Mr. Welch, my 
friends, K.L. Z.Z. . . . the least: homework, 
cafeteria food . . . Memories: K.L., Z.Z. at Riv- 
erside Park. 

Joseph Maisano: Varsity Football, Summer 
League Basketball, Varsity Baseball . . . Missed 
most: The Martins, Bus Rides to Basketball 
games . . . the least: losing to Bartlett in '85, 
Fizziks . . . Memories: ISS, finally getting a 
chance to go back with Marsha. 

Vince Marino: Varsity Football (captain 2 
yrs.). Varsity Baseball, Varsity Tennis, Weight- 
lifting Club, Border Conference All-Star Foot- 
ball, Telegram 8<. Gazette All-Star Football . . . 
Missed most: Thanksgiving Day rallies. Football 
games (all sports) . . . the least: Beef Stew and 
Pizza Burgers . . . Memories: Basketball Districts 
('85-'86), Border Conference Champions Bas- 
ketball ('85-'86). 

Patricia McDermott: Band, National Honor So- 
ciety, Math Team, Who's Who . . . Missed 
most: friends and the good times we've had. 
Band and the football games . . . the least: 
gym. College Comp . . . Memories: passing 

Dan McNally: Varsity Soccer (Co-Captain Sr. 
yr.). Who's who . . . Missed most: playing soc- 
cer here these two years, all the sexy girls . . . 
the least: some of my English teachers, school 
food . . . Memories: J.L., T.K., D.D., S.J., J.S., 
Hampton Beach '86. 

Ann D. Mekal: Tennis . . . Missed most: eating 
lunch with Merl, Mr. Welch's accounting I class 
. . . Memories: M.C., S.M., and J.W. in Holland, 
after Florida. 

Lori Menard: Student Leader, Student Gov- 
ernment Day . . . Missed most: M.D., T.N., S.N., 
A.G., Mr. Welch's class with Zorro . . . the least: 
quiet study, smoky bathrooms . . . Memories: 
Junior Prom, SAT's with M.D.. 

Nancy Miranda: University of Massachusetts 
Medical Center Award, Multi- Cultural Award, 
United States National Leadership Award, 
Amateur Athletic Union Of the United States 
. . . Missed most: M.B., Z.Z., rallies and assem- 
blies . . . the least: cafeteria lunch especially 
bricks and sloppy joes . . . Memories: trip to 
Quebec City, Freshmen year. 

Matthew J. Moriarty: Missed most: friends, the 
parties . . . the least: lending Sid money for 
lunch, Mrs. Lenti's class . . . Memories: "Back to 
the Future," falling in love with Kelli, October 

James J. Morin: Concert Choir, A.V. Club 
President, Student Government Day modera- 
tor. Student Advisory Council, Regional Stu- 
dent Advisory Council, Mass State Student 
Advisory Council . . . Missed most: Friends and 
good times. Chorus and the SAC . . . the least: 
the class skits and lunches, math and gym . . . 
Memories: Chorus trips, Show Choir, Europe 
'87, '86, '85. 

Julie Morrill: Basketball, Track, Tennis, Student 
Council, Student Leader, Hugh O'Brien repre- 
sentative, Student Government Day repre- 
sentative . . . Missed most: friends, my desk in 
the office . . . the least: '86-'87 homeroom, 
pink pigs . . . Memories: Linda — Hyannis, R.I., 



Class of 1987 

hugs, Fran's car. 

Jaclyn Morrissette: Field Hockey, Student 
Leader, National Honor Society . . . Missed 
most: Mrs. Dunn, friends ... the least: lunch, 
Mr. Hoogasion in the morning . . . Memories: 
June 14th, 1986, Halloween Party I, Halloween 
Party II. 

Shannon Nadeau: Basketball . . . Missed most: 
hanging out by the school with my friends, my 
best friend T.D. ... the least: some classes, 
school lunch . . . Memories: Mr. Houde's class, 
Charlton St. with K.P., S,C„ J.M. 

Lori Nedzweckas: J.V. Cheerleading, Tennis 
Student Government Day . . . Missed most: 
my four years spent with my friends, looking 
forward to the weekends . . . Memories: week 
of November 8th, '86, G.E., partying at the 
drive-in, J.F. 

Vantha Outhay: Multi-Cultural Club . . . Missed 
most: Thanksgiving rally, all the staff and stu- 
dents in SHS . . . the least: sloppy joes, deten- 
tion . . . Memories: first day in SHS, last day in 

Dina Partlow: Band, class rep.. Yearbook 
Staff, Band Student Leader, Band Award . . . 
Missed most: Band activities, football games 
... the least: Mrs. Gately's P.E. class, food and 
taking the bus . . . Memories: raiding Burger 
King on Sat. morning before the Palmer 
game, dances and the Fall Festival. 

Dina Pettinella: Tennis, National Honor Soci- 
ety, Freshmen and Varsity Math Team, Library 
Aide, Varsity letter in tennis . . . Missed most: 
"the gang", Mrs. Poirier's 5 synonyms . . . the 
least: gym class, Mr. Varin's trivia . . . Memo- 
ries: "the lip," Patty accidentally losing her 
balance one day in Mr. Larson's room. 

Chris Poirier: Varsity Football (captain). Golf, 
Student Council, National Honor Society, 
Summer League Basketball, Weightlifting 
Club . . . Missed most: .65 lunches, high school 
football . . . the least: stupid high school 
classes, pizza burgers . . . Memories: bus rides 
to B-ball games, 12/17/83 — my accident. 

Chris Proulx: Band, Math Team, National Hon- 
or Society, class Treasurer, Student Govern- 
ment Day rep.. Superintendent's Certificate 
Of Academic Excellence, Who's Who . . . 
Missed most: Band and Band office, friends . . . 
the least: quiet study, college comp. . . . 
Memories: "the lip"; "Don't touch my ... " 

Eric Pulsifer: Missed most: half-days, snow- 
days . . . the least: waking up in the morning, 
school . . . Memories: razor fights, adjusting my 
attitude in the morning. 

Melissa A. Rapo: Varsity Field Hockey, Bas- 
ketball and Softball, Marching and Concert 

Band, M.V.P. Becker Jr. College XMAS B-ball 
Tournament, Border — Conference All-Star 
Team in Basketball and Field Hockey, Central 
MA Coaches' All-Star Team . . . Missed most: 
playing sports and my coaches even J.T., 
friends . . . the least: hearing Nicole LeBarge's 
complaining, physics class, running in field 
hockey . . . Memories: pumpkin, stealing with 
L.K., I.G., A.G., S,C„ N.L., S.G. and the visit to 
our coach's house. 

Melissa Reilly: Chorus, Student Council, 
French Club . . . Missed most: Danny, Tomas, 
Dina, Chris, Jean Phillipe and the rest of the 
gang, little chats with Ms. O'Connell, Mr. LeB- 
lanc . . . the least: Mrs. Gately's gym class, 
quiet study .. Memories: New Year's Eve 1985 
— New Year's Day 1986, Lionel Richie con- 
cert, Rhode Island with Dede and Tomas. 

Erik Ricci: Track and Field . . . Missed most: Mr. 
W's class, Mr. F's Chemistry class . . . the least: 
office detentions . . . Memories: T.V. house 
with everybody. Flipper. 

Marilyn J. Richard: Yearbook Business Staff 
. . . Missed most: lunch with Anna, Mr. W's ac- 
counting I class, Mrs. Allard . . . the least: being 
a sophomore . . . Memories: summer '86 with 
K.S., M.S., A.M., K.C., D.L., J.J., J.C.. M.C., D.L., 
the rez — the Cape. 

Sidney A. Rivas: Football, Track, Band, Jazz 
Band, Dual County, winter carnival skits . . . 
Missed most: Mrs. Staffierri's class, lunch! . . . 
the least: getting rejected by girls, teasing me 
all the time . . . Memories: "Back To The Fu- 
ture," rumble at Hampton. 

David M. Robida: Memories: great times with 
R.K., M.B., Ml., J.C., P.B., A.D., $75.00 p.r., Mt. 

Anthony J. Roscioli: Class Treasurer, Football, 
Track, Summer League Basketball . . . Missed 
most: fights on class trips to Hampton, Mr. Oli- 
ver's prep-class . . . the least: finding the right 
girlfriend, the '85 football season, losing to 
Bartlett . . . Memories: the Spa, party hopping 
with D. & P. 

Kristin Ryan: Missed most: being late for 
school because of going to McDonald's . . . 
the least: Mrs. McGann's notes, making up 
work . . . Memories: Billy, Oxford with T.V. & 

Paula Sidebottom: Marching Concert Band, 
Dual County, Band Officer, Band Student 
Leader, Flag Corps, National Honor Society, 
United States Leadership Merit Academy . . . 
Missed most: band office chats and football 
games, friends . . . the least: Mr. Y's college 
comp. class, Mr. Hoogasion's morning whistle 
. . . Memories: Miss Toilet Bowl 1986. 

Kimberly Smith: Yearbook Business Staff . . . 
Missed most: Margarita, friends . . . the least: 
quiet study, exams . . . Memories: Alpine Drive, 
Summer of '86 with "US." 

Michele Stella: Class rep.. Field Hockey, Prom 
Committee, Business Staff, Media Center 
Club . . . Missed most: friends, skipping with M. 
8t K. ... the least: quiet studies, ripping my 
gymbag out of skimpy lockers . . . Memories: 
summer of '86, with M.R., K.S., D.L., A.M., K.C., 
J.J., M.C., G.D., D.L., Friday night at the Rez. 

Mike St. Pierre: Ice Hockey . . . Missed most: 
school lunches, mythology . . . the least: facul- 

Craig A. Tata: Concert and Marching Bands, 
Select, Show and Concert Choir, A.V. Club, 
Band Special Achievement Award . . . Missed 
most: Band, Chorus . . . the least: Mr. Hooga- 
sion's whistle, school lunches . . . Memories: 
football games, band room card games. 

Jeff Tremblay: Show Choir, Music . . . Missed 
most: Mrs. Narcissi, Music Theory class . . . the 
least: taking notes in history, lunch . . . Memo- 
ries: Jackie's party, cut slips. 

Steven Trombley: Football (Captain), Track, 
Student Government Day, Summer League 
Basketball . . . Missed most: lunches, being 
with all my friends . . . the least: cold football 
practices in November, the ISS room . . . 
Memories: the Spa, 1/15/85, Jill. 

Eudoxia E. Tsongalis: Class President, Student 
Council, Math Team, Concessions Chair Per- 
son, Prom Committee Chair Person, Student 
Government Day rep., National Honor Soci- 
ety, Who's Who . . . Missed most: friends, Mr. 
Hapgood ... the least: Mr. Y's comp. class, 20 
minute workout . . . Memories: Europe '85 a 
summer of firsts!, "the lip." 

Tracy Vecchia: Typing and Shorthand Award 
. . . Missed most: friends, SS passes . . . the 
least: O.D., gym . . . Memories: brake Tremb- 
lay, Uncle F's with Kristin. 

Lori A. Vincent: Typing Award . . . Missed 
most: SS passes, snacks in C1 16 . . . the least: 
gym, O.D. . . . Memories: 6/8/85, 1/8/86, 
Salisbury Beach '86 with Jason, my 17th birth- 

Zofia Zarazinski: Marching and Concert 
Band, Flag Corps, Jazz Band . . . Missed most: 
my friends K.L., N.M., S.M., N.M. . . . Memories: 
goofing off in the band room, the car smash. 




Cory Marie 

Manuel Alicea 

Marianne Alicea 

Marty Anderson 

Bruce Anger 

John Arns 

Becky Ashton 

Gerald Aucoin 

Christopher Auger 

Holly Babbitt 

Patricia Bacon 

Jennifer Beauregard 

Cindy Belanger 

Steven Bellerose 

Todd Berry 

Gail Bishop 

Peter Boilard 

Craig Boisvert 

Matthew Bonin 

Lynne Boucher 

Penelope Boyer 

Sarah Boyer 

Gail Brodeur 

Tracy Brousseau 

Christina Brown 

Robbie Bruneau 

Kelly Bufti 

Jose Burgos 

Paula Cadarette 

Christopher Caplette 

Cliff Carmel 

Tracie Carmel 

Jeff Caron 

Jennifer Casey 

Kevin Checkosky 

Ron Chernisky 

Grace Cintron 

Brennan Cipro 

Andrew Clarke 

Joann Colon 

Kelly Congdon 

Monika Conlon 

Kristie Cook 

Darby Cotton 

Brenda Croke 

Sandra Cruz 

Amber Davis 

Allen Demers 

Christopher Diani 

Maria DiGiovanni 

Kristin Dimitri 

Kim Dion 

Dana Dupuis 

Ronald Dupuis 



{?^W *£ t9XX 

How did the teams you predicted fare in 
the race for the Superbowl? (Teams 
picked prior to the outcome of the 1986 

1) Chicago Bears 

2) New York Giants 

3) Miami Dolphins 

4) New England Patriots 

5) Denver Broncos 

What is the goriest movie you have ever 

1) Pieces 

2) Texas Chainsaw Massacre, (Parts I & 


3) Blood Sucking Freaks 

4) Day of the Dead 

5) Friday 13th Part IV 

6) Faces of Death 

7) Silent Night, Deadly Night 

8) Nightmare on Elm Street 

9) The Fly 

10) Slumber Party Massacre 


If you could say anything you wanted, to 
anyone you wanted, what would you 
say, and who would you say it to? 

"I would say thank you to the town of 
Southbridge and all of its students for al- 
lowing me to be a part of them." 

— Jasmine Ramos 

"Arnold Schwartzeneggar — you're not 
so big!" 

— John Arns 

"Mr. Thomas, you look mahvalous, abso- 
lutely marvelous!" 

— Lisa Thibert 

"I'd tell President Reagan that jellybeans 
are gross, just like his policies with Iran." 

— Lauren Kosinski 

"We would like to tell Todd and Chris that 
we love them. (50 points a piece) 

— Christina and Kelley 


Kryiakos Konstantakis tries to think of what he would 
like to say. 

\ cj\ 

. Ik. A 


Gut*, <^ tvgg- 


Kelley Lambutjs 
Sandra Lanctot 
Craig Langevin 
Melissa Lazure 

Michael Durocher 
Lynn Duval 
April Ethier 
Christine Fischer 
Deidre Flanagan 
Jason French 
Edward Galonek 
Leo Gamache 
Irene Gines 

Cory Girard 
Nicole Girard 
Mildred Gonzalas 
Chris Gosk 
Lance Green 
Taunja Greenleaf 
Brian Griswald 
Marie Helliwell 
Maria Hernandez 

Charles Hicks 
Tammy Hooke 
Jeffrey Horr 
Becky Howe 
Lori Johnson 

Davon Ketnouvong 
Kyriakos Konstantakis 
Joanne Koulalis 
James Lach 
Pauline Lafleche 

Renee Lafleche 
John LaHair 
Lynnette Laliberte 
Andrea Lamarine 
Linda Lambert 



Theodore Leek 

Jeff Leduc 

Laurie Leighton 

Jason Litchfield 

Wendy Mageau 

Shawn Martin 

Amy McKinstry 

Alejin Mercado 

Geraldo Miranda 

Luz Miranda 

Orlando Miranda 

Susan Oliver 

Tony Osimo 

David Paul 

Gary Peck 

Kelly Plante 

Kim Poitras 

Marsha Poldervaart 

Monique Proulx 

Joel Racine 

Jasmine Ramos 

Steve Ramsdell 

Teena Raymond 

Kim Renaud 

Lydia Reyes 

Amy Richards 

Jamie Robida 

Nicholas Robinson 

Viengkeo Savankham 

Jilanne Savary 

Michelle Savoie 

Carol Sergei 

Jennifer Sheehan 

Tracy Sheridan 

Jeffrey Skonieczny 

Patrick Spinelli 

Kim Szczypien 

Ivo Tamm 

Hudi Thai 

Nhan Thai 

Aaron Theodoss 

Harry Theodoss 

Jason Thibeault 

Michael Thibeault 

Lisa Thibert 

Darrell Thompson 

Carmen Torres 

Kenneth Tremblay 

Tabitha Trudeau 

Kimberly Vallee 

Debra Vizard 

Johanna Zalneraitis 

Todd Zella 

Brian Zuidema 



*^W *£ t9XZ 



- \ 


What's your opinion on older girls dating 
younger guys? 

"I used to be against it but I guess it's okay 
now. I might consider it myself." 

Amy McKinstry 

"I think poeple should do whatever makes 
them happy. If that's what they want to 
do — go for it." 

Tabitha Trudeau 

"As long as they're toilet-trained, what 
the heck!" 

Deidre Flanagan 

"I'm for it all the way." 

"That's fine. I find older girls more sophisti- 
cated and intelligent." 

Darrell Thompson 

"I don't care what the age difference is if 
two people love each other, leave them 
alone. They deserve to be with each oth- 
er because of their love and affection for 
each other!!" 

Gary Peck 




(?e«u**6 t<?z<? 


Angela Albuquerque 
Hilda Alers 
Margarita Alicia 
Thomas Allard 
Edwin Alvarado 
Eneida Alvarado 
Kirsten Anderson 
Tammy Arcoite 
Lucy Arrastia 

Nicole Arsenault 
Darcy Bachand 
Michelle Bachand 
Jennifer Bastien 
William Beaudry 
Aaron Benoit 
Rebecca Beniot 
Pamela Bernadone 
Tim Bickerstaff 

Derek Boisvert 
Tracy Boisvert 
Pom Bounphasaysouh 
Karen Bowren 
Dean Bruneau 
Donald Charbonneau 
Becky Chisholm 
Grayton Cintron 
Kristen Clapp 

Jeremy Cloutier 
Michael Coiteux 
Carmencita Colon 
Kevin Congdon 
Shawn Conley 
Jamey Cournoyer 
Madelyn Cruz 
Michael Cyganiewicz 
Janet Daigle 

Justin Deal 
Denise Desorcy 
Mike Didonato 
Kory Dion 
Tracyann Dodge 
Tammy Donahue 
Jason Ferron 
Matt Ferron 
Sharon Fontaine 

Jennifer Garby 
Randy Garneau 
Timothy George 
Rico Giovanello 
William Gliniecki 
Gary Hackett 
Nicole Hamel 
Adam Hmielowski 
Tammy Jacques 




(?e<M4. o£ f989 




On A Paper Chase 

Sophomore composition — We 
remember it well. The first real re- 
search paper complete with foot- 
notes and bibliogrpahy — WOW! 

It began one gray morning during 
the semester, the teacher an- 
nounced that a paper would be due 
— "When? In six weeks? No prob- 

Relief was felt by all of us. We 
could obtain legitimate passes from 
our teachers to visit the library during 
studies. This project was looking bet- 
ter already! 

The working bibliography was 
quickly written. It seemed foolish to 

waste index cards for sources but 
sometimes you have to humor the 
teacher. Outlines weren't too diffi- 
cult either. Who says there has to be 
a "B" if you have an "A"? 

Somehow we made it. The paper 
was turned in on time. Footnotes 
and bibliography seemed to make 
sense. We tried not to plagiarize and 
hoped that we hadn't made too 
many typographical errors. The 
grade was important, but the sense 
of accomplishments meant more. 
One more milestone had been sur- 

Above: Toby Szyzcgiel takes notes for her paper. 

Below: Adam Hmielowski reads materials first — a good paraphrasing 


The Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature proves to be a valuable 
tool for Bill Gliniecki 



If you could have any Christmas present 
in the world, what would it be? 

"I would like to be best triends again with 
someone who means so much to me." 

— Nicolle LaBarge 

"I would want a waterbed because my 
feet hang over the edge of the bed I 
have now." 

— Tommy Julian 

"I wish that my grandfather could have 
the best Christmas he has ever had." 

— Jamey Cournoyer 

would like to see my father because I 
haven't seen him in nine years." 

— Denise Desorcy 

"I would want a new pair of skis because 
the ones I got last year broke in half." 

— Randy Garneau 



ee*M *{ t9Z9 


~~~- — _ ■ 

, 'T? v _,_ 


Linda Mathieu 
James May 
Coreen McDermott 
Tracy McDonald 
William McDonald 
Kristin McKinstry 
Michael Mekal 
Iveliss Mercado 
Elizabeth Miranda 

Casandra Misiaszek 
Erin Montigny 
Kelly Morneau 
Michelle Oathout 
Jason Ouellette 
Jerry Ouellette 
Shane Paquin 
Lorrie Parent 
Jim Patnaude 

Dawn Perry 
Jason Phiiibotte 
Karen Plouffe 
Aaron Poirier 
Greg Poulin 
Amy Prisco 
Dawn Prosco 
Angela Proulx 
Jeffrey Proulx 

Pamela Proulx 
James Provost 
Ryan Rabbett 
Scott Ravenelle 
Wayne Raymond 
Travis Reilly 
Paul Renna 
Jasmine Rivas 
Amy Roscioli 

Justin Ryan 
Jose Sanchez 
Karen Schiller 
John Shaw 
Rod Smeltzer 
Lauren Spinelli 
Ronnie Splaine 
Betty Stanhope 
Toby Szczygiel 

Mark Terrill 
Marcy Thibeault 
Joshua Thomas 
Angelina Tortis 
Andrew Travnicek 
Stacey Tremblay 
Matt Vizard 
William Wood 



Michelle Alhstrom 

Kenneth Amiott 

Shannon Antos 

Orlando Aponte 

Aracelis Arroyo 

Marcy Arsenault 

Heather Aucoin 

Pamela Aucoin 

Holly Augusto 

Angela Avery 

Wanda Aviles 

Marcy Barron 

Alison Bartlett 

Leslie Baum 

Brandon Beauregard 

Kevin Berthiaume 

Bevin Bertrand 

Oulavanh Bounphasaysol 

Polyphone Bounphasaysol 

Rasmy Bounphasaysol 

Andrea Brosnahan 

Daniel Brouillard 

Kori Brousseau 

Kelly Brown 

Paula Brown 

Peter Brown 

Mandi Bruce 

Kim Cadarette 

Robert Cantara 

Jason Checka 

Nicole Chouinard 

Michelle Colon 

Bonnie Coran 

Denise Cournoyer 

Stephen Cournoyer 

Kristin Dall 

Pamela Delage 

Scott Delage 

Dawn Diani 

Maria Dinqui 

Kim Donahue 

Sherry Donahue 

Barbara Doyle 

John Dupuis 

Amy Elias 

Chad Ethier 

Donna Faford 

Tina Farland 

Barbara Ferron 

Jennifer Ferron 

Michael Fontaine 

Lauren Fontana 

Heather Garland 

Jason Gaumond 



*?*W *£ t990 

What is the most embarrassing thing that 
has ever happened to you? 

"My pants broke in school and I couldn't 
go home, so I had to walk with a jacket 
around me." 

fell in front of the seniors. 

"I had to run around Dresser St. with my 
shorts down to my knees." 

"My boy friend went to kiss me and I 

"The first day of Gym I opened the boy's 
locker room door 

because I thought it was the door to the 

"My birthday when my friends decorated 
my locker and sang." 

"Talking to someone that wasn't the per- 
son I thought it was." 

"When a girl walked into the boy's room 
while I was going to the bathroom." 

(Names were withheld to protect the in- 




ee*u* *t t99o 


Eric Gervais 
Paul Girard 
Richard Grzembski 
Ross Guardiani 
Kim Guertln 
Nancy Hannan 
Erin Healy 
Scott Heath 
Carlene Higgins 

Lisa Houde 
Jennifer Jalowiez 
David Kearsley 
Chansamone Ketnouvong 
Kongphaeng Khamphavong 
Savengchanh Khamphavong 
Souvanthon Khamphavong 
Nicole Ladorre 
Armond Lafleche 

Daryn Moran 
Jessica Morrisette 
Tamara Murphy 
Janet Negron 
Yesenia Nina 
Wanda Nogueras 
Melinda Normandin 
Vicki Ohop 
Joselyne Ortiz 

Curtis Lamay 
Karen Lamay 
Lori Lamica 
Bruce Langlois 
Jonathan Lapriore 
Chad Lariviere 
Matthew Lazure 
Karyn LeBlanc 
Kristyn LeBlanc 

Jeanne Leek 
Jennifer Leighton 
Vincent Lesniewski 
Cory Litchfield 
Denise Lloyd 
Nora Loos 
Liana Marcin 
Gerhard Marcinkowski 
Michael Marritt 

John Martin 
James Mateychuk 
Kevin Mathieu 
Shanon McDonald 
Michelle Meunier 
Migdalia Miranda 
Miguel Mondesi 
Joan Montalvo 
Tito Montalvo 



Jonathan Osimo 

Margo Partlow 

Scott Peck 

Laura Perry 

Chansamone Phongsa 

Chanthavon Phongsa 

Tami Plourde 

Gabrielle Poirier 

Nicholas Polakowski 

Lee Pontbriand 

John Powsiatoski 

Jessica Rapo 

Deborah Raulli 

Shane Reed 

Edward Renaud 

Jeremy Rines 

Carrie Rockhill 

Antonio Rodriguez 

Michelle Rodriquez 

Eddie Rosario 

Vontailin Rosario 

Josef Rutcho 

Sean Ryan 

Jennifer St. George 

Steven St. Germain 

Melissa St. Laurent 

Khamsaen Savankham 

Nicole Savoie 

Gabe Simonelli 

Brian Skonieczny 

Chad Splaine 

Kelly Sullivan 

Yi Sunygop 

Tiffany Tervo 

Amy Theriault 

Laurie Thibert 

Santino Tiberii 
Nancy Torres 
Karen Trahan 
Christian Tremblay 
Dina Vecchia 
Joshua Veshia 
Lara Wilguess 
Holly Waleski 
James Worth 




*76etf te ^>ac& 

Those gremlins that crowded the halls 
last year as 8th graders have returned this 
time as bona fide SHS students. 

The adjustment to high school life was 
not as difficult for the Class of 1990 as it 
usually is for incoming freshmen. Due to 
the Wells Jr. High renovation, this class 
spent a year within the school. It was that 
period of time that was so difficult. 

"We were put here and should have 
been put in with the others. We were the 
lowest of the low and we were always 
being picked on," bemoaned Brian Skon- 

The greatest fear in September was ini- 
tiation. Having lived through that rite of 
passage, freshmen faced other tasks. 
Stephen Cournoyer mentioned the rotat- 
ing schedule as the hardest especially 
"the lunch periods which were really con- 

In considering the good and bad sides 
of these two years all ninth graders would 
probably echo the words of Brian Skon- 
ieczny who remarked that being a fresh- 
men is far better than being an eighth 
grader "... because instead of being un- 
derneath the bottom of the pile, we're 
only on the bottom!" 



Let's Be Frank 

Above: Cory Alarie frankly looks at the camera. Above: Mrs. Staffieri poses in her frankly punk-style Halloween costume. 

Below: During a library visit Aaron Poirier frankly contemplates his Below: The yearbook computer frankly helps Lori Johnson do her typing, 
research assignment. 




Mr. Joseph P. Bialy 



Mr. Dennis R. Desroches 

Administrator of Special Education 

Mr. Richard T. Galvin 

School Committee (I. to r.) (seated) Mr. Robert Checkosky, Mr. George Proulx, Chariman Mr. Spiro Thomo, Mrs. Linda 
Dani, Secretary Mrs. Jeanne Turner, (standing) Mr. Joseph Marino, Superintendent Dr. Kenneth L. Johnson, Business 
Manager Mr. William Trifone. 



Mrs. Diane Allard 


Mrs. Mary Anne 



Mr. David Boudreau 

Student Services 

Miss Sarah Byrne 


Dr. Mary Cashmon 


Mr. John Daniel 


Mrs. Ursula A. Davey 

Chapter 1 

Mr. Bernard Dube 

Foreign Languages 

Miss Claire Dumas 

Foreign Languages 

Mrs. Mary Ferron 

Library Science 

Mr. John Flannery 


Mrs. Lorraine Gately 

Physical Education 


Mrs. Martha Girouard 

Work Coordinator 

Mr. Walter Gosk 

Social Studies 

Mr. Peter Hapgood 

Social Studies 

Dr. John Hoogasian 

Physical Education 

Mr. Robert Houde 


Ms. Linda Langevin 


Foreign Languages 

Mr. Gregory Leach 


Mr. N. Richard Leduc 






Miss Sylvia Lentl 


Mrs. Kathleen 


Special Education 

Mr. John Libera 


Ms. Lillian Lind 

Bilingual Education 

Mr. Patrick Loconto 

Foreign Languages 

Ms. T. Carmen 



Mr. George Lorkiewicz 

Industrial Arts 

Mrs. Jean McGann 

Social Studies 

Mr. Dennis McManis 


Mrs. Anna Mendes 


ESL, Bilingual 

Mr. Brooke Mitchell 


Mrs. Bonnie Narcisi 


SAT's, At What Price? 

It seems that there is only one 
thing on the minds of the juniors and 
seniors H S, and it isn't what you 
would expect. What is going 
through everyone's mind, or at least 
the minds of the college bound stu- 
dents, is the Scholastic Aptitude Test 
and the Preliminary Scholastic Apti- 
tude Test. 

The SAT's and PSAT's seem to af- 
fect most, of the upperclassmen. 
Just how important are these tests, 
and how much preparation should 
go into the test taking? 

Well, at SHS there is a lot of em- 
phasis placed upon the SAT. So 
much, in fact, that two courses have 
been offered to ensure that stu- 
dents are fully prepared to take this 
crucial test. 

The first class is titled "SAT VER- 
BAL" and is taught jointly within the 
school's English curriculum by Mrs. Ja- 
net Poirier and Miss Nancy Swiacki. It 
deals with the verbal portion of the 

There is no Math course offered 
that deals only with the SAT's, so one 
teacher decided to do something 
about it. Dr. Mary Cashmon offers 
her own Math course in preparation 
for the SAT's every Wednesday 
after school, free of charge. 

When asked if it were worth one 
afternoon a week to participate in 
this program, one student replied, 
"I'll do anything to raise my SAT 

We can take that as a yes. 



iss Ann O'Connell 


Mr. John Parrillo 


Mrs. Janet Poirier 

' g ^*^. 


*** 6 

Mrs. Jacqueline 





Mr. Thomas 

Mr. Rick Silver 

Social Studies 

Mr. John Soldani 

Graphic Arts 

Mrs. Denise Staffieri 

Foreign Languages 

Mrs. Jennie Stellato 

Special Education 

Mrs. Celesta Sullivan 


Miss Nancy Swiacki 


Miss Sylvia Tashjian 

Mrs. Theresa Tersa 


Mr. Jeffrey Theodoss 

Physical Education, 


Mr. Albert Thomas 


Ms. Eleanor Tremblay 


Mrs. Janet Tylick 

Home Economics 

Mr. Roland Varin 

Social Studies, Athletic 


Mr. William Welch 


Mr. David Yacavace 




r- V 4 



Is There a Doctor in the Gym? 

Dr. Hoogasian — the athlete, the 
scholar. This man tor fourteen years 
has been improving his life, as well as 
the lives of those he teaches. He 
tries, in his work, to instill his own phi- 
losophy in everyone. 

"Have something to shoot for. I've 
always said, "Set your goals high and 
set your steps to attain them. Al- 
ways finish what you start.'" 

These words are not only spoken, 
but are a part of the man's lifestyle. 
In college he reigned for two years 
as the New England Collegiate pole 
vault champion. This past year he 
achieved a silver medal in the open 
pole vault in the Bay State Games. In 
New England's oldest open compe- 
tition, he received the New England 
Track Athletics Congress Pole Vault 
Gold Medal for 1986. This year he 
also received a Doctoral Degree in 
Educational Administration. 

"It's a vehicle for furthering myself 
in other school systems. If an oppor- 

tunity arises, I'll go after it." 

For the present, he has left the sci- 
ence classroom and entered the 
realm of physical education. A doc- 
tor in the gym? 

"Athletes are usually given the 
'dumb jock' image. There should be 
a balance between academic and 
physical. We should engage in 

It seems that it is in the gym that Dr. 
Hoogasian has found fulfillment. 

"It's been my most rewarding ex- 
perience. I'm very happy with what I 
do here. The boys come eager and 
enthusiastic. Everybody likes to take 
gym. Teaching gym reflects my lifes- 
tyle: physical fitness and academ- 

Dr. Hoogasian is an example of 
achievement. He has achieved suc- 
cess in both athletics and academ- 
ics. He is living proof that by setting 
one's goals high, anything is possible. 

Mrs. Kathleen 


Mrs. Vivian Digregorlo 


Mrs. Joanne Dunn 


Mrs. Jeanne Houghton 


Mrs. Virginia Leahey 


Mrs. Jacqueline Varin 


Mrs. Nancy Normandin 

Foods Supervisor 



-. •^-■-.- ....-"■■■ ■.,, 

"We want you," Head Football Coach, Jeff Theodoss exclaims, "to show us your pride!' 
Inset: Nicolle LaBarge follows Laurie LePage who passes the ball. 


The master continues his work. Another aspect of the 
portrait takes form. The person becomes more real, more 
alive. The master picks up his brush and the play begins . . . 



Getting Psyched Up 

Rallies provide the fans and play- 
ers with inspiration and school spirit. 
As you enter the gym, you can hear 
the echoes of students shouting 87, 
88, 89, and 90. 

The first rally helps the freshmen 
make a Preakthrough. When upper- 
classmen talk aPout rallies, freshmen 
have no real concept as to the 
amount of work put into them. 

Sophomores have adjusted and 
Pegun to develop ideas for the 
years to come. They learn to pre- 

pare ahead of time in hopes of tak- 
ing 1st place in skit and poster com- 

By junior year, the time and effort 
is well known. This year's juniors were 
lucky enough to have had Craig 
Boisvert who was crowned Ms. Tur- 
key freshmen year. This gave them a 
basis for their Thanksgiving Day skit. 
This year the seniors will graduate 
with a final victory. This made them 
realize that if a class works together, 
they can emerge winners! 


Above: The 1986 football team is unveiled at the first rally of the year. Below: Christina Brown Kelly Congdon, Missy Lazure, Lauren Kosinski, 
and Kelley Lambutis show their class spirit and artistic ability. and Penny Boyer show their class spirit by act- 

ing like real turkeys. 



Left: The Varsity Football Cheerleaders line up 
to welcome the fall athletes. Below: Craig 
Boisvert as Miss Turkey greets the crowd at a 
rally for the football players. 

Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders (I to r): 1st row: Co-capt., Amy 
McKinstry, Coach Sylvia Tashjain, Co-capt., Sandra Lanctot. 2nd 
row: Eneida Alvarado. Andrea Lamarine, Monika Conlon, Kim 
Dion, Amber Davis. 3rd row: Michelle Lavallee, Amy Roscioli, Pam 
Bernadone, Kristen Clapp, Hilda Alers. 

The hectic night before the Thanksgiving 
Game rally. 



Just Shy of a 1st Down 





Above (I to r): Chris Poirier, Adam Hmielowski, 
Ed Galonek, Greg Champeau, Steve Trom- 
bely. Joey Maisano, John Marino, and Tim Ba- 
chand listen to Coach Jeff Theodos during a 
time out. 

For the past 67 years there has 
been rivalry between the South- 
bridge Pioneers and the Bartlett Indi- 
ans. Some years Southbridge has 
come out victorious, and some 
years the Indians have been the vic- 
tors. Unfortunately, on this Thanks- 
giving Day in 1987, Bartlett 
squeaked by in the last 3 minutes to 
rally to a win. 

For SHS, it was an agonizing de- 
feat. The Pioneers entered the 
game with a respectable overall re- 
cord of 5-5, 3-1 in the conference. 
After the first half, it seemed certain 
to Southbridge fans that the Pio- 
neers would win. But luck was with 
the Indians, and the Pioneers just 
couldn't seem to click. With the loss 
of Marty Anderson in the 3rd quarter, 
Southbridge seemed to lose their 
momentum. From then on, it was 
Bartlett's game. 

The Pioneers kept in the game and 
gave fans a performance to be 
proud of. John Marino and Tim Ba- 
chand were chosen as all-stars from 
the game. 

« ■ 

- , 


Above: Captains John Marino, Steve Trombley, Coach Jeff Theodoss, Captains Chris Poirier, 

Greg Champeau. 

Below: Steve Trombley feels the agony of defeat at the Thanksgiving Day game. 



St ' ^ fc~ fa-— ~-m _*, . 


Left (I to r): 1st row: Tony Roscioli, Dave Lenti, 
Tye Baker, Tim Bachand, Chris Poirier, Steve 
Trombley, John Marino, John Calcagni, 
George Konstantakis. 2nd row: Kyriakos Kon- 
stantakis, Justin Ryan, Aaron Poirier, Brian Zui- 
dema, Harry Theodoss, Jeff Leduc, Craig Bois- 
vert, Ed Galonek, Joe Maisano, Marty Ander- 
son, Michael Durocher. 3rd row: Manager 
John Dupuis, Derek Boisvert, Adam Hmie- 
lowski, Matt Ferron, Aaron Theodoss, Gary 
Peck, Bruce Langlois, Rich Grzembski, Tom Ju- 
lian, Kevin Congdon. 4th row: Rico Giovanello, 
Vincent Lesniewski, Chris Choquet, Adam Di- 
Donato, Armand LaFleche, Paul Girard, Dan 
Cournoyer, Chad Lariviere, Ken Amiott, Mi- 
chael Bousquet, Kevin Berthiaume, Mark Ter- 
rill, Joe Aucoin, Nick Polakowski, James Ma- 
teychuck, Tim George. 5th row: Coaches: Mr. 
Paul Hefner, Mr. Frank Koumanelis, Mr. Tony 
Santilli, Mr. Jeffrey Theodoss, Mr. Greg Leach, 
Mr. Joe Emery, Mr. John Daniels. 

Quarterback John "Vinny" Marino calls his team into a huddle to decide which Pioneer gets to score a touchdown. 



Psyching Up 
For the Season 

Bruce Langlois shows Auburn you can't keep 
a Pioneer down. 

Where would a team be without 
its cheerleaders? Led by Captains 
Amy McKinstry and Sandra Lanctot, 
the SHS Cheerleaders began this 
year by winning first place in the 
Cheerleading competition at 
Bridgewater State College. Under 
the guidance of first year coach Syl- 
via Tashjian, the squad, much like 
the football team, started their 
practice routine during the early 

Where would cheerleaders be 
without their football team? Obvi- 
ously, rigorous summer practices 
paid off for both the varsity and ju- 
nior varsity teams. Second year 
coach Jeff Theodoss has instilled in 
his players a winning attitude which 
shows on the field. 

Together the cheerleaders and 
the football players have given the 
Pioneer fans PRIDE! 

Above: Three cheers for Southbridge High from Andrea Lamarine, Eneida Alvarado, and An- 
gela Alberquerque. 

Below (I to r): 1st row: Kim Szczypien, Cassandra Misiaszek, Pamela Bemadone, Michelle Laval- 
lee, Angela Albuquerque, Eneida Alvarado. 2nd row: Jilanne Savary, Sandra Lanctot, Amber 
Davis, Kim Dion, Amy McKinstry, Andrea Lamarine, Coach Sylvia Tashjian. 



Pioneers on the run with hopes of making a Co-captains Sandra Lanctot and Amy McKinstry show Jilanne Savary, Amber Davis, and Kim 
tackle. Dion how to smile for the camera. 

Left: Eneida Alvarado, Jilanne Savary, and 
Amber Davis lead the Pioneer fans. 
Above: Harry Theodoss, our up and coming 
quarterback, reaches new heights. 



Playing the Field 

This year's varsity field hockey 
team had an exceptionally out- 
standing season. The squad ended 
up with an overall record of seven 
wins, three losses, and four ties. It 
was unification and sportsmanship 
that helped qualify them for the dis- 
tricts, and although they were elmin- 
ated in the first game of District play, 
they gave Southbridge High some- 
thing to be proud of. 

The SHS junior varsity field hockey 
squad did not fare as well as the var- 
sity team, however, they did show a 
valiant effort as a team made up of 
mostly beginners. Under the leader- 
ship of first year coach Jeanine Lam- 
bert, the players learned the funda- 
mentals of the sport, and are looking 
forward to a promising season next 

Above (I to r) Varsity: 1st row: Erin Montigny, Linda Kantorski, Melissa Rapo, Sandra Cruz, Robyn 
LeBel. 2nd row: Amy Roscioli. Laurie LePage, Linda Lambert, Marsha Poldervaart, Michelle 
Savoie, and Coach Jan DiGregorio. 3rd row: Kristen McKinstry, Nicolle LaBarge, Pam Lavallee, 
Michelle Livernois. Below (I to r) J.V.: 1st row: Nicole Arsenault, Gabrielle Poirier, Jenny Ferron, 
Mandi Bruce, Michelle Stella, Jenny Lavallee, Kristin Dall, Karen Plouffe. 2nd row: Jessica Rapo, 
Irene Gines, Nicole LaPorte, Kristen LeBlanc, Kristie Cook, Dawn Diani, Melinda Normandin, 
Nicole Savoie, Leslie Baum. 3rd row: Jamey Cournoyer, Marcy Thibeault, Donna Fafard, Jean 
Leek. Lauren Fontana, Nora Loos, Andrea Brosnahan, Paula Brown, Jenny Jalowiec, Coach 
Jeannine Lambert. 

j.*; - > ■» | 

Nicolle LaBarge runs in for the pass. 



Left: Michelle Livernois charges for the ball 
during the Shepherd Hill game. Below: Mandi 
Bruce, freshman goalie, smiles from beneath 
her cage. 

*'W 1H 

Robyn LeBel, Marsha Poldervaart, and Erica Linda Kantorski, Michelle Livernois and Robyn LeBel challenge the Shepherd Hill girls for control of 
Kantorski set up for the point. the ball. 



Getting Their Kicks 

On October 10, 1986 the SHS soc- 
cer team prepared physically and 
mentally for their shot at defeating 
the Auburn Dandies. Auburn, being 
the big rival at the time, came to 
West Street Field ready to dominate 
the Pioneers for the last time during 
the season. 

Southbridge came out strong in 
the first half with Co-Captain Da- 
vone Ketnouvong, Viengkeo Sa- 
vankham, and Chris Gosk playing a 
solid offense. While in the backfield 
Southbridge's goalie, Jose Sanchez 
shut out the Auburn offense for the 
last time. 

Though the game ended in a 0-0 

tie Southbridge was able to leave 
feeling victorious knowing Auburn 
would return home in awe. 

Another highlight of the team's 6- 
4-5 season was first year goalie, Jose 
Sanchez being place as one of the 
number one goalies on the Border 
Conference Team, along with cen- 
ter halfback Davone Ketnouvong. 

Coach Walter Gosk summed up 
the season appropriately, 'losing 4 
out of 15 games wasn't discourag- 
ing for our team. The underclass- 
men, next year, should be able to 
carry the team into a Border Confer- 
ence spot." 


Above (I to r) 1st row: Co-Captain Dan 
McNally, Edwin Marcano, Stephen Allard, Jus- 
tin Deal, Randy Garneau. 2nd row: Co-Cap- 
tain Davone Ketnouvong, Viengkeo Savank- 
ham, Craig Berthiaume, Andy May, Andrew 
Clarke, Coach Walter Gosk. 3rd row: Todd 
Berry, Hector Arvelo, Jose Sanchez. Tony 
Osimo, Chris Gosk. Right: Chris Gosk makes an 
attempt at a goal. 




Left: Teammates Hector Arvelo and Chris Gosk celebrate after a goal is scored on a South- 
bridge corner kick. Below: Davone Ketnouvong fights for control of the ball during the Tantas- Andrew Clarke and Craig Berthiaume keep 
qua game. their opponents from scoring a goal. 

Left: Viengkeo Savankham dribbles right 
through North Brookfield's offense. Above: 
Coach Walter Gosk watches his team from 
the sidelines. 

Lh^iaaMWIWpW M '' '»> *» <<* " »« ii i i »* »»i « « ** 



Pioneers Run 

Coach Ronald Giovanello, Team Captain Ron Chernisky, Dana Dupuis, Gerhardht Marcin- 
kowski, Sam Gonzalez, and Santino Tiberrii. 

The Cross Country team started 
out the new season with a vote of 
confidence given to them by first 
year coach, Ronald Giovanello with 
his assistance, the team, once again 
continued to build. 

Unfortunately, 1986 was a year 
that S.H.S. Cross Country was pla- 
gued by injuries, absences, and 
league technicalities. 

Although they did not have a win- 
ning season, the outlook for next 
year is very hopeful. The team is ex- 
pected to improve with incoming 
freshmen and the six returning veter- 

Coach Giovanello talks with team members 
Steve Ramsdell, Sam Gonzalez, and Dana 


Above: Ron Chernisky takes a break with 
Dana Dupuis and Sam Gonzalez. Below: 
Steve Ramsdell, Gerhardt Marcinkowski, and 
Sam Gonzalez wait for the match to begin. 



Sports Magazine 

Football — A Sport For Males Only? 

It's the fourth down, three yards to 
go. The ball is snapped and passed 
to a receiver. He catches it, then 
takes off. The defense charges after 
him. Wait! It's not a him; it's a her! 
What do we do now? Kick her off 
the field? 

Thus, the question remains, does a 
girl have what it takes to be a foot- 
ball player? Ronnie Splaine believes, 
"Girls can't take the abuse that men 
can, so they shouldn't be playing 

The majority of the girls polled said 
they would be able to handle them- 
selves on the field. "We should have 
the right to play football, but I don't 
think I could take getting tackled by 
a 3001b. guy," expressed Erica Kan- 

Adam Hmielowski had a different 
idea. "Being on a football team you 
have to trust every person on that 
team to fulfill his duties, and to do 
this, physical strength is a necessity. 
I'd consider anyone a minus that 
couldn't handle themself on the 
field, and since the law of nature dic- 
tates that men are predominantly 
stronger than women she would get 
blown off the field every play." 

Tim George said that he wouldn't 
mind having a girl on the team, "as 
long as she could prove herself." 
One football player revealed, 
"When I first started playing football, 
I went up against a girl and hurt her, 
and was penalized." 

Could girls be an asset to a sport 
that has been "all males", since who 
knows when? Should women stick to 
cooking and needlepoint instead of 
football? The decision is up to you! 
— Kristen Clapp 

A Big Price To Pay 

Long hours of practice, 
bloodhsed, bruises and battered 
bones! Is it worth it? Goals, Touch- 
downs, victories, districts! How much 
does all of this mean to SHS athletes? 

"A lot," said sophomore football 
player Aaron Poirier. "Hardwork, 
dedication and time are worth the 
feelings you get by playing." 

A definite sense of satisfaction is 
generated when the grueling hours 
of practice finally pay off. 

Unfortunately, most teams don't 
win every game. There are ups and 
downs to every sport. 

"Winning, Districts, feelings of ac- 
complishment, losing, practice, no 
time for yourself," are some highs 
and lows according to sophomore 
Nikki Arsennault. 

Most of these feelings follow the 
athletes off the field. 

"Responsibilities, accomplish- 
ments, and mistakes," are the feel- 
ings that stick with Aaron Poirier long 
after the football game has ended. 

"Sports take up alot of time. They 
drain a lot of energy from you. You 
sometimes have to stay up late at 
night to finish your homework," ex- 
plained Nikki Arsenault. 

Obviously, all of the sacrifices are 
worth it. SHS athletes are willing to 
dedicate themselves to their sport 
and they try to represent the school 
in a positive way. Some would like to 
continue sports into college, while 
others play just because they like 
the sport. Whatever their reasons for 
playing, sports seem to be important 
to all players. 

— Michelle Livernois 

It's Way Past Your Bedtime 

At least twenty SHS students are 
standing around Hospital Spa on 
South Street. Someone looks at the 
clock. "Oh, it's already 9:15. Don't 
you think you should start heading 
home now?" Everyone laughs at the 
sarcastic remarks as a few football 
players walk away, scuffing their 

Everyone agrees curfews for foot- 
ball are important. Sophomore foot- 
ball players Adam Hmielowski and 
Rico Giovanello both replied, "Cur- 
fews are much needed." 

Aaron Poirier tells us why. "It could 
mean playing or not the next day. 
Getting rest really helps during the 

A lot of people wonder how the 
coaches know if you stay out later. 
Sophomore Aaron Poirier decided 
that he'd answer this one. "They call 
your house and you have to speak 
to them." 

Adam Hmelowski added, "word 
of mouth will also get you in trouble." 

With all this in mind, you may be 
curious to know if the team thinks the 
sport is worth going in early for, or if 
they regret playing because of the 
curfew. Once again, Adam Hem- 
lowski had the words that spoke for 
everyone, "Definitely, we work very 
hard and it would be foolish to jeop- 
ardize playing a game." 

— Sharon Fontaine 



Theodoss Gets 100th Win 

On January 6, 1987 Coach Jeff 
Theodoss won fhe 100th game of his 
career as the Varsity Grils defeated 
North Brookfield 53-37. 

The Pioneers dominated from the 
beginning by jumping to a quick 10- 
4 lead, with Lisa Ayotte providing 8 
points. In the second quarter the In- 
dians closed the gap, tying the 
score at 13, Southbridge then ran off 
with 17 unanswered points. Melissa 
Rapo led this surge with 13 points. 
Nicolle LaBarge paced Pioneer re- 
bounding by pulling down 8 re- 
bounds to go with Lisa Ayotte's 7. 

The Pioneers raised their lead to 22 
points in the third quarter allowing 
them to coast home with a victory. 
Melissa Rapo had a game high of 22 

points along with Lisa Ayotte's 13. 

The Varsity, after having lost 3 of 
last year's starters, have had an out- 
standing season. In the Becker Tour- 
nament, Southbridge defeated 
Madson Park 42-21. Lisa Ayotte and 
Jennifer Ferron paced this offensive 
attack with 10 and 8 points. That vic- 
tory qualified the girls for the finals, 
their opponent, Shepherd Hill, hap- 
pened to be their biggest rival in the 
Border Conference. Southbridge 
took a 12-9 lead midway through 
the second quarter but the Rams ran 
off 12 straight points. The Pioneers 
kept creeping closer, but time ran 
out before they could attempt the 
tying shot. Southbridge lost 37-35. 

f) V A> 


Varsity Basketball (I to r): 1st row: Coach Jeff Theodoss, Co-captains Julie 
Morrill and Melissa Rapo. 2nd row: Trainer John Daniel, Penelope Boyer, 
Linda Kantorski, Sandra Cruz, Nicolle LaBarge. 3rd row: Lisa Ayotte, Robyn 
Lebel, Heidi Martin, Jennifer Ferron. 

\ A *i i*. A r 

; y * y 


J.V. Basketball (I to r): 1st row: Michelle Colon, Kelly Brown, Jessica Rapo, 
Mandi Bruce, Coach Raymond Bergeron. 2nd row: Lisa Houde, Arlene Co- 
lon, Kristyn Leblanc, Lauren Fontana. 3rd row: Barbara Doyle, Marcy Thi- 




Left: Heidi Martin goes up for a lay up. 
Below: Sandra Cruz looks for the open man. 

Above: Southbridge runs their "continuous" offense. 
Below: Pioneerettes prepare to go up for the rebound. 

Heidi Martin shoots one up at the sound of the 



We Belong to a World That Must Be Strong 

As the J.V. game comes to an 
end, the anxiety of the fans can be 
felt while the song "Dreams" echoes 
throughout the gym. The Varsity 
Basketball team, led by Vin Marino 
enters and starts their pre-game 
warm-ups. It is in these preliminary 
moments that the attitude of the 
team can be perceived. 

Practice makes perfect, doesn't 
it? Most players spend approximate- 
ly 15 hours each week practicing. 
They have to sacrifice jobs and time 
with their friends and girlfriends. 
These practices, consisting of agility 
drills, foul shooting, lay-ups, condi- 
tioning, jump shots, and offensive/ 
defensive plays, take place 5 days a 

Time commitment doesn't stop 
here. Most players play Summer Bas- 
ketball and in their free time, any- 
where from 2-10 hours may be spent 
playing basketball during the off- 
season. Kenny Amiott said, "I like to 
play as much as I possibly can year 

All players have different methods 
for psyching themselves up when it 
comes to game time. 

Randy Garneau said, "I like to sit in 
silent prayer with no disturbances." 

While on the other hand, Chris 
Gosk said, "I listen to music and read 
letters from a former coach." 

Most players feel basketball is a 
very important part of their lives. This 
is shown through their determination 
and commitment to the team. They 
feel that they must always play to 
the best of their ability and give 
100% to their team. It is important for 
all players to make all games and 
practices, have a positive attitude, 
and uphold sportsmanship. This team 
unity leads the players to give each 
other moral support both on and off 
the court. 

The continuation of a basketball 
career is pondered on by many of 
the players. With their talent, dreams 
for the future, and determination, 
they will surely succeed. 

Above: Coach Gosk discusses a new strategy during a time out. 

Above: Chris Gosk takes an outside jumper 
for 2 points. Below: Harry Theodoss shoots a 1 - 
1 from the line. 



(L to R): 1st row: Ken Amiott, Rico Giovanello, John Marino, Chris Gosk, Harry Theodoss, Todd 
Berry. 2nd row: Chris Caplette, Hector Arvello, Travis Reilly, Randy Garneau, Aaron Theodoss. 
3rd row: Coach Walter Gosk, Mgr. John Supuis, Mgr. Aaron Benoit, Trainer John Daniels. Below: Jose Sanchez gets a jump on the ball. 



. -:: 

How do you feel the song "Dreams" 
represents your team? 

"Because we are always striving to im- 
prove and reach the sky." 

— John Marino 

"Dreams is an inspirational song that 
motivates our team to reach higher 
and higher to achieve our goals." 

— Chris Gosk 

"Our team has dreams that we strive 
to achieve." 

— Harry Theodoss 

"Last year seemed like a dream be- 
cause we weren't supposed to be 
good and we proved everyone 
wrong. Hopefully our dreams will con- 
tinue and we will be an even better 
team than last year." 

— Todd Berry 

"We all have dreams and we work to 
fulfill them. Dreams represent our team 
because it psyches us up for the game 
that lies ahead of us." 

— Kenny Amiott 

That's What Dreams Are Made Of 



Sparks For The Future 

The determination of a basketball 
player can be seen as early as Fresh- 
man year. With such a large turnout 
of future Varsity players this year, a 
Freshman Basketball team was rein- 

Kevin Berthiaume and Michael 
Bousquet by showing their skill and 
effort, already have a seat on the 
Junior Varsity bench this year. 

These Freshman players strive to 
improve each day, hoping to catch 
the eye of the J.V. or Varsity coach. 

The J.V. team this year, was 
sparked by the playing of transfer 

and foreign students. Randall Gar- 
neau and Ken Curtis, both transfer 
students, have been an asset on the 
boards by averaging 8 rebounds a 

Freshman Ken Amiott, has been 
deadly from underneath, picking up 
offensive rebounds and tossing 
them up and in for two points. Stavre 
Vesovski from Yugoslavia, has been 
improving daily, and is also looking 
forward to playing Varsity next year. 
His height gave the team the oppor- 
tunity to diversify their playing meth- 

Above: Mike Bousquet looks for the open man. 

Above: Kevin Bethiaume displays his dribbling 

Below: Discussing strategy with Coach Luis Pena are Mike Coiteux, Derek Boisvert, Stavre ability. 
Vesovski, Randall Garneau, and Rico Givoanello. 

Below: Coach Luis Pena watches the game 
from the sidelines. 



J.V. Boys (I to r): 1st row: Randall Garneau, Travis Reilly, Rico Giovanello, Ken Amiott, Andy May. 
2nd row: Jason Philibotte, Sean Dunleavy, Derek Boisvert, Mike Bousquet. 3rd row: Mike Coi- 
teux, Ken Curtis, Starve Vesovski. 

Rico Giovanello takes a foul shot. 

i K-A 

» > i 

i "" — — ■■" " ■ ' 

Freshmen (I to r): 1st row: Chris Tremblay, Corey Litchfield, Kevin Berthiaume, Michael Bousquet, 
Rich Grzembski, Joshua Veshia. 2nd row: Joe Rutcho, Scott Peck, Shane Reed, Armand Le- 
fleche, Kevin Mathieu. 3rd row: Adam DiDonato, Santino Tiberii, John Lapriore, Gabe Simonelli. 

Derek Boisvert plays a man to man defense. 




After selling so many magazines, one wonders if these Gumbies - Gary Hackett, Sean Dunleavy, Jeremy Cloutier, and John Shaw - haven 

become a sample! 

Inset: Agnes Gines, Mrs. Lorraine Gately, and Tracy Jacques try their own sales techniques during a football game. 


The finishing lines have been brushed on the canvas. Has 
the master completed his work? Many more strokes must 
be added. Each moment adds to the creation. The master- 
piece begins to live, to breathe, to become. The foundation 
has been painted, and the metamorphosis can be viewed. 


Student Council President, Julie Morrill, awaits 
Joe Emery, her next victim. 

Thank You! 

On October 17, more than 60 SHS 
students and faculty donated 
blood. This bi-annual event was held 
as a sign of support to their injured 

On September 4, seniors Maureen 
Doyle and Jennifer Gagnon, junior 
Alyssa Ricci and freshmen Barbara 
Doyle were seriously injured in an 
automobile accident which claimed 
the life of Melissa Lavallee. 

The injured had been given blood 
from the community supply and this 
year's blood drive was sponsored in 
an attempt to replenish it. 

The overwhelming turnout was a 

result of the altruistic spirit of the stu- 
dents. Many individuals who would 
normally be afraid to participate 
were given courage by their desire 
to have, as Principal Joseph P. Bialy 
said, lv . . . something positive come 
out of the tragedy." 

Along with the students, a show of 
support was demonstrated by facul- 
ty and adults from the community. 
As one student stated, "Maybe we 
had no control over what has hap- 
pened, but maybe we can do 
something to help others in the fu- 

Aaron Benoit watches Jasmine Ramos, who is patiently awaiting the needle. 



"We gave blood; See what it did to us!" quipped Chris Poirier, Al Thomas, and Dave Lenti. 

Sarah Boyer and Danny Carragher are next in 
the blood line. 

MMV : 

Adrian Alvarado and Abraham Arvelo wonder why you were atraid to give blood. 

Eudoxia Tsongalis stands by Michelle Julian as 
she donates. 



Here's Mrs. Tylick as Snow White. Now where 
are the seven dwarfs? 


The SHS Student Council is an or- 
ganization that has again continued 
its tradition ot excellence in giving 
the students more diverse activities 
during the school year. 

According to the council's consti- 
tution its main purpose is to give "the 
entire student body a higher voice in 
the planning and operation of the 
activities among the students, facul- 
ty and administration." To these pur- 
poses they dedicate themselves 
and their energies. 

The council consists of 26 mem- 
bers; 7 Seniors, 6 Juniors, 5 Sopho- 
mores, and 4 Freshmen. The four 
class presidents make-up the re- 
mainder, with the possibility of 5 
members-at-large being "voted in" 

during the school year. 

Although many responsibilities of 
the council are taken for granted: 
morning announcements, various 
fundraising activities, the blood drive 
and the organization of new com- 
mittees and activities, a few are 
greatly appreciated by the school 
population; presentations by Cam- 
fel, the slave auction, and depend- 
ing on the year, spring day or winter 

The popularity of the Student 
Council can be accounted for be- 
cause of the fact that it provides 
control, direction and involvement 
for the students of Southbridge High 

Above: President Julie Morrill attends a meet- Christina Brown, Kelley Lambutis, Chris Auger and Steve Ramsdell attack Gary "Gumby" Hack- 
ing, ©tt. 

Below: Jasmine Rivas, Erica Kantorski, Penny 
Boyer, Dana Dupuis, Mrs. Staffieri and Kristie 




Hillbilly, Ron Chernisky poses for the camera. 

Can you guess who's standing with Student Council President Julie Morrill and Lisa Kosinski, the Andrea Lamarine looks cute and cuddly as a 
winner of this years dress up day? teddy bear. 



CLASS OF 1987 

ADVISOR: Mrs. Anna Mendes 


PRESIDENT: Eudoxia Tsongalis 

VICE PRESIDENT: Tracy Jacques 

SECRETARY: Tara Benoit 

TREASURER: Anthony Roscioli 

CLASS OF 1988 
ADVISORS: Ms. Sylvia Tashjian, Mr. 

John Parrillo 

PRESIDENT: Amy McKinstry 

VICE PRESIDENT: Christina Brown 

SECRETARY: Nicole Girard 

TREASURER: Andrea Lamarine 

CLASS OF 1989 

ADVISORS: Mrs. Dianne Allard, Mr. 

Brooke Mitchell 

PRESIDENT: Gary Hackett 

VICE PRESIDENT: Kara Kokoszka 

SECRETARY: Michelle Lavallee 

TREASURER: Pam Bernadone 

CLASS OF 1990 

ADVISORS: Mrs. Kathy L'Heureux, 

Mr. John Flannery 

PRESIDENT: Krystin LeBlanc 


SECRETARY: Gabrielle Poirier 

TREASURER: Alison Bartlett 



Jennie Rowell and Tina Bellerive work at foot- 
ball games. 

Fundraisers Raise Questions 


If it is the minority of students par- 
ticipating in the fundraisers, should all 
the students share in the same bene- 
fits? "More people should partici- 
pate to make the class successful," 
commented Kara Kokoszka, Vice- 
President of the sophomore class. 
Approximately one third of the soph- 
omores participated in this year's 
magazine drive. 

Prizes seem to be one incentive 
that persuades some students to 
sell. "A wide variety of prizes is best 
because it will interest the most peo- 
ple," remarked sophomore John 
Shaw. The Gumby T-shirts and the 

free record or cassette encouraged 
sophomores to sell their guota. 

Perhaps extra benefits could be 
given to those students who do par- 
ticipate. Maybe credit should be 
given to be used towards class dues 
or class trips. 

Gary Hackett emphasizes that all 
students, if possible, should make an 
effort to support their class's func- 
tions by helping to bring in proceeds. 
"A small percentage of the class 
does not make up the class and a 
small percentage cannot support 
it," he remarked, 

— Andrew Travnicek 

ry-j* «y-.. 

Sophomores (I. to r.) Michelle Lavallee, John Shaw, Greg Poulin, Jeremy Cloutier, Tom Allard, ' Sophomores Gary Hackett, Sean Dunleavy 
Gary Hackett, Mr. Brooke Mitchell, Pam Bernadone, and Mrs. Dianne Allard join forces in prep- and Jeremy Cloutier sport Gumby tee-shirts 
oration for the Thanksgiving rally. and the magazines that earned them 




On December 15th, 22 juniors and 
3 seniors were inducted into the SHS 
National Honor Society. The cere- 
mony was long awaited, seeing as it 
had been postponed on three oc- 
casions prior to December 15th. 

Inductees were chosen on the ba- 
sis of leadership, character, aca- 
demics, and service. An essay was 
reguired from each candidate be- 
fore they were even considered for 

President Christopher Proulx ad- 

dressed faculty, parents, and new 
inductees with a salutary speech. 
This was followed by four additional 
speeches that dealt with the stan- 
dards that must be upheld by all 

Guest speaker Paul Pizella spoke 
on behalf of Governor Dukakis to ex- 
tend congratulations to both old 
and new members. 

After the ceremony inductees 
and their proud families enjoyed re- 
freshments in the Media Center. 

Above: President Christopher Proulx address- 
es the audience. 

Below: The junior guys celebrate after the 

* * ]L . 

Above (I to r): Even though Chris Gosk, Craig 
Bethiaume, Jennifer Casey, Darby Cotton, 
Kelley Lambutis, and Kristen Dimitri are now 
famous NHS inductees, they still have time to 
pose for the camera. 

Below: Teddy Lech takes the scholarly ap- 



Dance! Dance! Dance! 

Left: At a concert choir dance. Craig Boisvert 
strikes a debonair pose. Right: Jennifer Shee- 
han and Maria DiGiovanni enjoy a chat. 

Preferring to sit and watch, Chris Auger, Craig Laprise, Justin Deal and Marc Wright remain on the side. A group of girls including Danielle Russell, 
Donna Mercier and Tina Bellerive do the same. 



Student Council (I to r) 
1st row: Eudoxia Tsongalis, Penny Boyer. Linda 
Kantorski, Julie Morrill, Craig Berthiaume, Aar- 
on Poirier. Maggie Alicea. 2nd row: Tara Ben- 
oit. Tracy Jacques, Sara Boyer, Amy 
McKinstry, Jennifer Ferron, Kristyn LeBlanc, 
Erica Kantorski, Michelle Lavallee, Michele Co- 
lon, Mandi Bruce. 3rd row: Craig Boisvert, Ed 
Galonek, Tye Baker, Adam Hmielowski, Kyria- 
kos Konstantakis, Chris Poirier, Michael Bous- 
quet, George Konstantakis, Gary Hackett. 

A-V Club (I to r) 

Mr. Jobn Parrillo, Gerhardt Marcinkowski, Jim 
Morin, Aaron Benoit, Dan Brouillard, Peter 

Media Center Club (I to r) 
1st row: Peter Brown, Michele Stella, Becky 
Ashton, Andrea Lamarine, Karen Farrand, Mi- 
chelle Byron. 2nd row: Cassandra Misiaszek, 
Dan Brouillard, James Morin, Mrs. Mary Ferron, 
3rd row: Karen LeBlanc, Kristyn LeBlanc, Dina 
Pettinella, Michelle Cloutier, Chris Proulx, 

Freshmen Math Team (I to r) 
1st row: Santino Tiberii, Karyn LeBlanc, Joshua 
Veshia. 2nd row: Dr. Mary Cashmon, Dan 
Brouillard, John Osimo, Amy Elias, Kim Guertin, 
Christian Tremblay. 



Computer Club (I to r) 

Peter Brown, Dana Dupuis, Charles Hicks, Mrs. 
Jacqueline Russell, Chris Auger, Dan Brouillard. 

Math Team (I to r) 
1st row: Mr. Tom Severance, Jeremy Cloutier, 
Karen Farand, Chris Proulx. 2nd row: Andrewn 
Travnicek, Gary Hackett, Tony Osimo, John 

Student Leaders (I to r) 
1st row: Jilanne Savary, Linda Kantorski, Erin 
Montigny, Kelley Lambutis, Melissa Rapo, Mrs. 
Lorraine Gately. 2nd row: Laurie Lepage, 
Erica Kantorski, Michele Bachand, Lori Men- 
ard, Christina Brown, Julie Morrill, Lori Johnson, 
Nilza Delgado, Marsha Poldervaart, Sherrie 
Cotton, Jennifer Casey, Karen Bouren. 

Multi Cultural Club (I to r) 
1st row: C. Luna, A. Rodriguez, O. Aponte, S. 
Yi, M. Mondesi, V. Savankham, Mrs. A. 
O'Leary. 2nd row: M. Miranda, O. & P. Boun- 
phasaysohl, M. & P. Rodriguez, O. Fontanez. 
3rd row: E. Alvarado, J. Lopez, J. Ortiz, C. & S. 
Phongsa, W. Noguerras, J. Ortiz, K. & S. Kham- 
phavon, A. Ortiz. 



Big Red Runs Wild! 

Our "Big Red" Band has reached a 
new height. They received a stand- 
ing ovation for their half-time show 
at the first football game. 

Under the direction of their Drum 
Major, Patrick Spinelli, and with the 
help of the Band Student Leaders, 
the band was able to achieve goals 


Above: Chris Proulx and Craig Tata. 

Right: Mr. Jack Libera and Paula Sidebottom 


Amy Prisco, Kara Kokoszka, Kelly Morneau, and Lynnette Laliberte cheer on their pioneer team. 

Flute: Paula Brown, Lynnette Laliberte, 
Laurie LePage, Kelly Morneau, Christo- 
pher Proulx, Craig Tata, Alexia Ziogas. 
Clarinet: Eneida Alvarado, Kelly Brown, 
Dawn Diani, Barbara Doyle, Tina Far- 
land, Lauren Fontana, Kara Kokoszka, 
Nicolle LaBarge, Robyn LeBel, Kim Le- 
Boeuf, Nora Loos, Patty McDermott, 
Dina Partlow, Gabrielle Poirier, Amy 
Prisco, John Shaw, Paula Sidebottom, 
Lauren Spinel! Alto Clarinet: Kristin Di- 
mitri. Bass Clarinet: Rich MacKenzie. 
Alto Saxophone: Sarah Boyer, David 
Kearsley, Jerry Quellette, Jessica Rapo, 
Jean-Philippe Sainer, Joshua Veshia. 
Tenor Saxophone: Scott Ravenelle. 
Trumpet: Lisa Ayotte, Christopher Au- 
ger, Aaron Benoit, Craig Berthiaume, 
Mary Chaplin, Pamela Delage, Chad 
Larivierre, Darrell Thompson, Andrew 
Travnicek. French Horn: Andrew 
Clarke, Darby Cotton, Heather Gar- 
land. Trombone: Gary Hackett, Zofia 
Zarazinski. Baritone Horn: John Shaw, 
Craig Tata, Tuba: Tom Allard, Percus- 
sion: Bill Beaudry, Kevin Berthiaume, 
Don Charbonneau, Charles Hicks, Mar- 
go Partlow, Paul Renna, Jeff Proulx, 
Matt Vizard. Mallets: Pamela Berna- 
done, Jodi Lebel. Drum Major: Patrick 

Band Officers (I. to r.) (1st Row): Bill Beaudry, Laurie LePage, Eneida Aivarado, and Lauren Jeff Proulx and band members wave to the 
Spinelli. (2nd Row): Charles Hicks, Jeff Proulx, Mr. Jack Libera, Darrell Thompson, Paula Sidebot- camera, 
torn, Jerry Ouellette, Sarah Boyer, and Chris Proulx. 




1986 has been a tremendous year 
for the Southbridge High Choral De- 
partment. Special acknowledge- 
ment has been given to some mem- 
bers individually, in addition to the 
group as a whole. 

In the Central District competition, 
Danny Carragher, Bruce Earnest, 
Gary Peck, and Kim Sczypien were 
selected to participate in the House 
Quartet. Other SHS students were 
chosen to be in the Central District 
Festival. This year's participants 
were, in addition to SHS' House Quar- 
tet, Maria DiGiovanni, Darryl La- 
fleche, Scott Peck, and Chris Diani. 

Individual merit was given to Dan- 
ny Carragher in selection for the All- 
Eastern Seaboard chorus, and Bruce 
Earnest for his solo audition for the 
All-New England Festival. 

The entire select and show choir 
has also been accepted to com- 
pete in the Festival of Music at Vir- 
ginia Beach this May. 

Maria DiGiovanni, Andrea Lamarine, Kim 
Szczypien, and Deidre Flanagan practice a 

Maria DiGiovanni leads the chorus in a song 
from The Chrous Line. 

Above: The Chorus Line. 
Below: Reach for the Stars! 




Left: The Grand Finale. 
Below: Jennifer Sheehan and Kirsten Ander- 
son sing their hearts out. 

Deidre Flannagan takes front stage in a show choir rehearsal. 

Tom Lisi, Craig Boisvert, and Gail Brodeur per- 
form a Christmas concert for the SHS students. 



Christmas Cheer 

Above: Becky Ashton and Agnes Gines show off their caterpillar pinata. 
Below: Mrs. Stafferi attempts unsuccessfully to break the dinosaur pinata. 

Above: Santa Claus holds a present for Chris' 
tina Brown and Andrea Lamarine. 
Below: Mrs. Staffieri guides Kelly Brosnahan ii 
her smashing of the pinata. 



Santa Claus asks the Candy Cane if he's been a good boy! 

Blindfolded Becky Ashton swings and misses. Yearbook staffers Ms. Loconto. Becky Ashton, Christina Brown, Maureen Doyle, Alyssa Ricci 

and Missy Lazure pose near Santa during the Christmas Bazaar. 



It's a Small World 

The American International Youth 
Student Exchange Program (AIYSEP) 
has placed two students at SHS 
through Ms. Jowett, the director of 
the East Coast Chapter. 

Margarita Fernandez is an eigh- 
teen year old senior from Madrid, 
Spain. She spends most of her even- 
ings at the YMCA. On Saturdays, she 
helps out with concessions at foot- 
ball games. Margarita is involved in 
as many school activities. 

Jean-Philipp Sainer is a senior from 
Kreesbronn A.B. German. He is in the 
band and is learning to play the gui- 
tar and saxophone. 

Philipp has found that he dislikes 
the food. He feels the school system 
offers him a good education at the 
right price. Upon his arrival to the 
United States, Philipp experienced 
culture shock, but said, "As an ex- 
change student, you learn how to 
make mistakes, and how to correct 

them." Philipp dreams of travelling 
around the United States. 

In exchange for these students, 
we are sending two students to oth- 
er countries. 

Paula Couture is being hosted by 
Les Docteurs Rogues, pediatricians 
in Valencia, Spain. She has made 
new American and Spanish friends 
which makes the motto of AIYSEP, 
"Unity Throughout the World," stand 

Jodi Zalneraitis is leaving in Febru- 
ary to study in Australia for a year, 
When Jodi arrives, she will be hosted 
by a family that lives off the coast of 
Australia, on the Island of Tasmania. 

Ms. Jowett feels the interest in the 
hosting of foreign students has in- 
creased because parents want to 
expand their children's horizons and 
teach them that there really is a glo- 
bal world out there. 

Ms. Linda Jowett poses with her new-found foreign friends. 

Above: Margarita Fernandez. 
Below: Jean-Philipp Sainer. 




In Memory Of. 

Melissa A Lavallee 

."" "-■ •, " 

November 11, 1970-September 4, 1986 

On September 4, 1986 we exper- 
ienced a tragedy which took the life of 
one of our classmates. Melissa was a 
student, an athlete, a friend. She 
touched each one of us in her own way. 
Her death brought with it a personal mes- 
sage which each will carry forever. She 
lives within our books, our minds, our 
hearts. She will always remain as she 

"Ballerina, you must have seen her, 

dancin' in the sand. 
And now she's in me, always with me, 

Tiny dancer in my hand." 
— Elton John 

"The three of us shared everything 
together. In spite of the disagreements 
we sometimes had, the fun times made 
the bad seem minor." 

"Missy was taken from us unexpect- 
edly, but at least we have the memories 
of her to carry with us. If we could see 
her just one more time, we would tell her 
how much she means to us." 

"We miss you, Missy, and we'll never 
forget you. We love you!" 
— Maureen Doyle and Alyssa Ricci 

"Oh, don't sorrow, 
no, don't weep, 
for tonight, at last, 
I am coming home." 
— CJ2 



Photo Index 

Ahlstram, Michelle 32 

Made, Corey 20, 38 

Albuquerque, Angela 26, 47, 50 

Alers, Hilda 26, 47 

Alicea, Manuel 20 

Alicea, Margarita 26, 74 

Alicea, Marianne 20 

Alicea, MaryJane 

Alicea, Rene 

Alicea, Roman 

Allard, Stephen 6, 54 

Allard, Thomas 26, 71, 76 

Alvarado, Adrian 67 

Alvarado, Antonia 67 

Alvarado, Edwin 27, 75 

Alvarado, Eneida 27, 47, 50, 51, 76, 


Amiott, Kenneth 49, 61, 63 

Anderson, Kirsten 27 

Anderson, Martin 20, 49 

Anger, Bruce 20 

Antos, Shannon 32 

Aponte, Carlos 

Aponte, Orlando 32, 75 

Arcoite, Tammy 27 

Arns, John 21 

Arrastia, Lucy 27 

Arroyo, Aracelis 32 

Arsenault, Marcy 33 

Arsenault, Michael 6 

Arsenault, Nicole 26, 52 

Arvelo, Abraham 67 

Arvelo, Hector 54, 61 

Arvelo, Victor 

Ashton, Rebecca 21, 41, 74, 80, 81 

Aucoin, Gerald 21 

Aucoin, Heather 33 

Aucoin, John 49 

Aucoin, Pam 33 

Auger, Christopher 21, 41, 74, 80, 81 

Auger, Michael 6 

Augusto, Holly 33 

Augusto, Susan 

Avery, Angela 32 

Aviles, Wanda 32 

Ayotte, Lisa 6, 58, 76 

Babbitt, Holly 20 

Bachand, Darcy 26 

Bachand, Michelle 26, 75 

Bachand, Timothy 4, 46, 48, 49 

Bacon, Patricia 20 

Baker, Tye 6, 49, 74 

Bartlett, Alison 32, 70 

Bastien, Jennifer 26 

Baum, Leslie 32 

Beatty, James 

Beaudry, Tina 6 

Beaudry, William 27, 76, 77 

Beauregard, Brandon 33 

Beauregard, Jennifer 20 

Bechard, Tina 73 

Belanger, Cindy Lee 20 

Bellerive, Tina 6, 71 

Bellerose, Steven 20 

Benoit, Aaron 27, 61, 66, 74, 76 

Benoit, Michael 6 

Benoit, Rebecca 27 

Benoit, Tara 6, 70, 74 

Bernadone, Pamela 27, 47, 50, 70, 71 

Berry, Todd 21, 54, 61, 72, 92 

Berthiaume, Craig 54, 72, 74, 76 

Berthiaume, Kevin 33, 49, 62, 63, 76 

Bertrand, Bevin 33 

Bickerstaff, Timothy 27 

Bishop, Gail 21 

Blake, Melissa 

Bollard, Peter 21 

Boisvert, Craig 3, 21, 49, 73, 74 

Boisvert, Derek 26, 47, 49, 63 

Boisvert, Tracy 26 

Bonin, Matthew 20 

Boucher, Lynne 20 

Boucher, Robin 6 

Bounpaysaysol, Rasmy 32 

Bounpaysaysonh, Keo 

Bounphasaysonh, Pom 26 

Bousquet, Michael 49, 62, 63, 74 

Boyer, Penelope 4, 20, 58, 63, 68, 74, 


Boyer, Sarah 20, 67, 74, 76, 77 

Broadus, Tonya 

Brodeur, Gail 20, 79 

Brosnahan, Andrea 33, 52 

Brosnahan, Kelly 3, 6, 80 

Brouillard, Daniel 32, 74, 75 

Brousseau, Kori 32 

Brousseau, Tracy 21 

Brown, Christina 21, 46, 69, 70, 75, 80, 

81, 98 

Brown, Kelly 33, 58, 76 


Brown, Paula 33, 52, 76 

Brown, Peter 33, 74, 75 

Bruce, Mandi33, 52, 53, 58, 70, 74, 98 

Bruneau, Dean 27 

Bruneau, Robert 21 

Buffi, Kelly 21 

Burgos, Ivonne 7 

Burgos, Jose 7, 20 

Byron, Michelle 7, 74 

Cabrera, Julio 

Cadarette, Donna 7 

Cadarette, Kim 32 

Cadarette, Paula 20 

Calcagni, John 7, 46, 49 

Cantor a. Jason 3, 7 

Cantara, Robert 32 

Caplette, Christopher 20, 61 

Carmel, Cliff 20 

Carmel, Trade 20 

Caron, Jeff 21 

Carragher, Daniel 7, 67 

Casey, Jennifer 21, 72, 75, 98 

Chamberland, Jamie 7 

Champagne, Jennifer 7 

Champeau, Gregory 7, 46, 48, 49 

Chaplin, Mary 7, 76, 99 

Charbonneau, Brenda 
Charbonneau, Donald 27, 76 
Checka, Jason 32 
Checkosky, Kevin 21 
Chernisky, Ronald 21, 56, 69, 98 
Chicoine, Renee 
Chisholm, Rebecca 27 
Choquet, Christopher 49 
Chouinard, Nicole 32 
Cintron, Grace 20 
Cintron, Gray ton 27 
Cipro, Brennan 20 
Clapp, Kristin 27, 47 
Clapp, Lisa 7 

Clarke, Andrew 20, 54, 72, 76 
Cloutier, Jeremy 26, 64, 71, 75 
Cloutier, Michelle 8, 74 
Colteux, Michael 26, 62, 63 
Colon, Arlene 58 
Colon, Carmencita 26 
Colon, JoAnn 20 
Colon, Michelle 32, 58, 74 
Concepcion, Edgardo 
Congdon, Kelly 20, 46 
Congdon, Kevin 26, 49 
Conley, Shawn 27 

Conlon, Monika 21, 47 

Cook, Kristie 21, 68 

Coran, Bonnie 33 

Coran, Mark 79 

Cotton, Darby 21, 72, 76 

Cotton, Sherrie 8, 75 

Cournoyer, Daniel 33, 49 

Cournoyer, Denise 33 

Cournoyer, Jamey 27 

Cournoyer, Stephen 33 

Couture, Paula 8 

Croke, Brenda 21 

Cruz, Madelyn 27 

Cruz, Sandra 20, 52, 58 

Cyganewicz, Michael 27 

Daigle, Janet 27 

Dall, Kristin 33, 52 

Dashnau, James 8 

Davey, Sean 8 

Davis, Amber 3, 20, 47, 50, 51, 

Deal, Justin 26, 54, 73 

Delage, Pamela 32, 76 

Delage, Scott 32 

Delgado, Nilza 8, 75 

Demers, Allen 20 

Desorcy, Denise 26 

Desorcy, Kimberly 8 

Diani, Christopher 20 

Diani, Dawn 32, 76 

DiDonato, Adam 49, 63 

DiDonato, Michaelangelo 26 

DiGiovanni, Maria 20, 73 

DiGregorio, Marilena 8 

Dimitri, Kristin 21, 72, 76 

Dingui, Maria 32 

Dion, Kim 21, 26, 50, 51, 104 

DiPetro, Bonnie 8 

Dodge, Tracy 27 

Dominguez, Maritza 8 

Donahue, Kim 32 

Donahue, Sherry 33 

Donahue, Tammy 4, 27 

Downer, William 

Doyle, Barbara 33, 58, 76 

Doyle, Maureen 8, 81 

Dumas, Lea 8 

Dunleavy, Sean 63, 64, 71 

Dunlop, Kristin 9 

Dunn, Glen 9 

Dupuis, Dana 21, 56, 68, 75 

Dupuis, John 33, 49, 61 



Dupuis, Ronald 21 

Duquette, Cynthia 9 

Durocher, Michael 22, 49 

Duval, Lynn 22 

Earnest, Bruce 9 

Elias. Amy 33, 74 

Eliza, Julio 9 

Eisner, Susan 9 

Ethier, April 22 

Ethier, Chad 32 

Fafard, Donna 32 

Farland, Tina 32, 76 

Farrand, Karen 9, 74, 75 

Fernandez, Margarita 82 

Ferron, Barbara 32 

Ferron, Jason 27 

Ferron, Jennifer 32, 52, 58, 74 

Ferron, Lisa 9 

Ferron, Matthew 27, 49 

Fischer, Christine 22 

Flanagan, Deidre 23 

Fontaine, Michael 33 

Fontaine, Sharon 27 

Font ana, Lauren 33, 58, 76 

Fontanez, Olga 

Fournier, Linda 9 

French, Jason 23 

Gagnon, Jennifer 9 

Galonek, Edward 4, 23, 46, 48, 49, 74 

Gamache, Leo 23 

Garby, Jennifer 26 

Garland, Heather 33, 76 

Garneau, Randall 4, 26, 54, 61, 62, 63 

Gaulin, Michelle 9 

Gaumond, Jason 33 

Gauthier, Keith 9 

George, Timothy 26, 49 

Gervais, Eric 34 

Gines, Agnes 10, 64, 80 

Gines, Irene 23 

Giovanello, Enrico 26, 61, 62, 63 

Giovanello, Samantha 10 

Girard, Cory 22 

Girard, Nicole 2, 22, 70 

Girard, Paul 34, 49 

Gliniecki, William 27, 29 

Gonzalez, Armando 

Gonzalez, Carmen 

Gonzalez, Jose 

Gonzalez, Mildred 22 

Gonzalez, Samuel 56 

Gosk, Christopher 22, 54, 60, 61, 72, 


Green, Lance 23 

Greenleaf, Taunja 23 

Griswold, Brian 23 

Grzembski, Richard 34, 49, 63 

Guardiani, Ross 34 

Guertin, Jennifer 10 

Guertin, Kim 35, 74 

Hackett, Gary 27, 64, 69, 70, 71, 74, 

75, 76 

Hamel, Nicole 27 

Hannan, Michael 

Hannan, Nancy 35 

Healy, Erin 35 

Heath, Kelly 

Heath, Scott 35 

Helliwell, Marie 23 

Hernandez, Maria 23 

Hicks, Charles 23, 75, 76, 77 

Hmielowski, Adam 27, 29, 46, 48, 49, 


Hooke, Tammy 23 

Horr, Jeffrey 23 

Houatchanthara, Phenphanh 

Howe, Becky 23 

Jacques, Tammy 27 

Jacques, Tracy 10, 64, 70, 74 

Jalowiec, Jennifer 34, 52 

Johnson, Lori 23, 38, 75 

Johnson, Steven 

Jolin, David 10 

Jones, Ruby 10 

Julian, Michelle 10, 67, 104 

Julian, Thomas 28, 49 

Kahikina, Troy 10 

Kane, Kelly 10 

Kantorski, Erica 28, 53, 68, 74, 75 

Kantorski, Linda 10, 52, 53, 58, 74, 75, 

100, 102 


Kayser, Richard 10 
Kearsley, David 34, 76 
Ketnouvong, Chansamone 34 
Ketnouvong, Davone 23, 54 
Khamphavong, Kongphaerg 35, 75 
Khamphavong, Savengchanh 35, 75 
Khamphavong, Sonvanthon 34, 75 
Kokoszka, Kara 28, 70, 76, 77 
Kondracki, Tina 10 
Konstantakis, George 11, 49, 74 
Konstantakis, Kyriakos 4, 22, 23, 49, 
72, 74 

Kosinski, Lauren 46 
Kosinski, Lisa 11, 69, 104 
Koulalis, Joanne 23 
Kusek, Becky 4, 28 
Kusek, Pamela 11 

LaBarge, Nicolle28, 44, 52, 53, 58, 76 
Labuda, Diane 11 
Lacasse, Christine 28 

Lach, James 23, 72 

Lacroix, Jennifer 11 

Lacroix, Jessica 28 

Lafleche, Armand 35, 49, 63 

Lafleche, Darryl 11 

LaFleche, Lisa 28 

LaFleche, Pauline 23 

LaFleche, Renee 23 

Lafranchise, Mary 28 

LaHair, John 23 

LaHair, Stephen 28 

Laliberte, Lynette 23, 76, 77 

Lamarine, Andrea 23, 47, 50, 69, 70, 

74, 80 

Lamay, Curtis 34 

Lamay, Karen 34 

Lambert, Linda 23, 52 

Lambutis, Kelley 23, 46, 69, 72, 75 

Lamica, Janet 

Lamica, Lori 34 

Lamica, Michelle 28 

Lamica, Penny 11 

Lanctot, Sandra 23, 47, 50, 51 

Langevin, Craig 

Langlois, Bruce 34, 46, 49, 51 

Lanza, Kristen 11 

Laporte, Jennifer 28 

Laporte, Nicole 

Lapriore, Jonathan 35, 63 

Lap rise, Craig 28, 73 

Lariviere, Chad 35, 49, 76 

Lavallee, Christopher 11 

Lavallee, Jennifer 52 

Lavallee, Mar da 11 

Lavallee, Michelle 28, 47, 50, 70, 71, 


Lavallee, Pamela 28, 52 

Lazarick, Margaret 

Lazo, Jason 28 

Lazure, Matthew 35 

Lazure, Melissa 23, 46, 81 

Lebel, Jodi 76 

Lebel, Robyn 28, 52, 53, 58, 76 

LeBlanc, Karyn 35, 74 

LeBlanc, Kristyn 35, 58, 70, 74 

Leboeuf, Kim 11, 76 

Leek, Jeanne 34 

Leek, Theodore 24, 72 

L 'Ecuyer, Eric 28 

LeDonne, Michael 3, 11 

Leduc, Jeffrey 24, 49, 100 

Leigh ton, Jennifer 34 

Leighton, Laurie 24 

Lemire, Jennifer 28 

Lenti, David 12, 49, 67, 100 

LePage, Laurie 28, 44, 52, 75, 76, 77 

Lesniewski, Vincent 34, 49 

L'Heureux, Steven 28 

Lisi, Thomas 12 

Litchfield, Corey 34, 63 

Litchfield, Jason 24 

Livernois, Douglas 12 

Livernoise, Michelle 28, 52, 53 

Lloyd, Andrew 

Lloyd, Denise 35 

Lloyd, Timothy 28 

Loos, Nora 35, 52, 76 

Lopez, Janet 75 

Lopez, Rafaela 

Lord, Shamus 

Lowell, Cheyenne 


Lyon, Susan 12 

Mackenzie, Richard 28, 76 

Madura, Nancy 12 

Madura, Susan 28 

Mageau, Wendy 24, 100 

Maher, Shayla 28 

Maisano, Joseph 12, 46, 48, 49 

Majewski, Gregory 28 

Maldonado, Olga 

Mallette, Jamie 

Mallette, Joel 

Marcano, Edwin 12, 54 

March, Liana 35 

Marcinkowski, Gerhard 35, 56, 74 

Marino, John 12, 46, 48, 49, 61 

Marritt, Michael 

Martin, Heidi 58 

Martin, John 34 

Martin, Shawn 25 

Mateychuk, Eric 34 

Mateychuk, James 49 

Mathieu, Kevin 34, 63 

Mathiew, Linda 30 

May, James 30, 54, 63 

McDermott, Coreen 30 

McDermott, Patricia 12, 76 

McDonald, Shannon 34 

McDonald, Tracy 30 

McDonald, William 31 

McKinstry, Amy 2, 25, 47, 50, 51, 70, 

74, 102 

McKinstry, Kristin 31, 52 

McNally, Daniel 12, 54 

Mekal, Ann 12 

Mekal, Michael 31 

Menard, Lori 12, 75 

Mercado, Alejin 25 

Mercado, Iveliss 31 

Merced, Wanda 

Mercier, Donna 73 

Merriam, Andrew 

Meunier, Michelle 35 

Miranda, Elizabeth 31 

Miranda, Gerardo 25 

Miranda, Luz 24 

Miranda, Maria 

Miranda, Migdalia 35, 75 

Miranda, Nancy 13 

Miranda, Orlando 24 

Misiaszek, Casandra 30, 46, 50, 74 

Mondesi, Miguel 35, 75 

Montalvo, Braulia 

Montalvo, Joan 3, 35 

Montalvo, Tito 35 

Montigny, Erin 30, 52, 75 

Moran, Daryn 34 

Moriarty, Matthew 13 

Morin, James 13, 74 

Morneau, Kelly 30, 76, 77 

Morrill, Julie 13, 58, 66, 68, 69, 74, 75 

Morrissette, Jaclyn 13 

Morrissette, Jessica 34 

Munson, Erica 

Murphy, Tamra 34 

Nadeau, Shannon 13 

Nedzweckas, Lori 3, 13 

Negron, Janet 34 

Negron, Marilyn 

Nina, Yesenia 35 

Noguera, Wanda 35, 75 

Normandin, Melinda 35 

Normandin, Tracy 3, 13 
Oathout, Michelle 30 
Ohop, Victoria 35 
Oliver, Susan 24 
Ortiz, Jose 75 
Ortiz, Joselyne 35, 75 
Osimo, Anthony 24, 54, 72, 75 
Osimo, Jonathan 36, 74 
Ouellette, Jason 31 
Ouellette, Jerry 31, 76, 77 
Outhay, Vantha 13 
Ovalles, Daniel 
Ovalles, Dario 
Paquin, Shane 31 
Parent, Lorrie 31 
Partlow, Dina 13, 76 
Partlow, Margo 36, 76 
Patnaude, James 31 
Patnaude, Michael 13 
Paul, David 24 



rim Ifcw irA i 1 _ # -t.4 

|ou/, Jeffrey 

Peck, Gary 4, 25, 46, 49 

Peck, Scott 36, 63 

Pelc, Joey 

Pelkey, Bruce 

Pelkey, Donna 

Perez, Ramon 

Perry, Down 30 

Perry, Laura 36 

Pettinella, Dina 13, 74 

Philibotte, Jason 30, 63 

Phongsa, Chansamone 36, 75 

Phongsa, Chanthavon 37, 75 

Pinto, George 

Plante, Kelley 25 

Plouffe, Karen 30, 52 

Plourde, Tami 37 

Plourde, Tina 

Poirier, Aaron 30, 38, 49, 74 

Poirier, Christopher 14, 46, 48, 49, 67, 


Poirier, Gabrielle 37, 52, 70, 76 

Poirier, Troy 14 

Poitras, Kim 25 

Polakowski, Nicholas 37, 49 

Poldevart, Marsha 25, 52, 53, 75, 104 

Pontbriand, Lee 36 


Poswiatoski, John 36 

Poulin, Gregory 31, 71 

Prisco, Amy 31, 76, 77 

Prosco, Dawn 31 

Proulx, Angela 31 

Proulx, Christopher 14, 72, 74, 75, 76, 


Proulx, Jeffrey 31, 76, 77 

Proulx, Monique 24 

Proulx, Pamela 30 

Proulx, Robert 

Provost, James 30 

Provost, Michael 

Pulsifer, Eric 3, 14 

Rabbett, Ryan 30 

Racine, Joel 24 

Ramos, Jasmine 24, 66 

Ramsdell, Steven 24, 56, 69 

Rapo, Jessica 36, 58 

Rapo, Melissa 14, 52, 58, 75, 76 

Raulli, Deborah 36 

Ravenelle, Scott 30, 76 

Raymond, Tina 24 

Raymond, Wayne 31 

Reed, Shane 36 

Reilly, Melissa 14 

Reilly, Travis 31,61, 63 

Renaud, Edward 37 

Renaud, Kimberly 25 

Renna, Paul 31, 76 

Reyes, Lydia 25 

Ricci, Alyssa 8 1 

Ricci, Eric 14 

Richard, Marilyn 14 

Richards, Amy 25 

Rines, Jeremy 37 

Rivas, Jasmin 31, 68 

Rivas, Sidney 14 

Rivera, John 

Robida, David 14, 100 

Robida, James 25 

Robidoux, Joseph 14 

Robidoux, Keith 

Robinson, Nicholas 24 

Rodriguez, Christine 14 

Rodriguez, Efrain 

Rodriguez, Elizabeth 

Rodriguez, Maritza 75 

Rodriguez, Michelle 36 

Romero, Denise 

Romero, Irene 15 

Rosario, Edison 36 

Rosario, Joaquin 

Rosario, Vontailin 

Roscioli, Amy 31, 47, 52 

Roscioli, Anthony 3, 15, 46, 48, 49, 70 

Row ell, Jennifer 71 

Russell, Danielle 73 

Rutcho, Josef 36, 63 

Ryan, Justin 30, 49 

Ryan, Kristin 15 

Sainer, Jean-Philipp 76, 82 

Salce, Heather 15 

Sanchez, Jose 30, 54, 61 

Sauvageau, Gale 15 

Sauvageau, Jeannine 

Savankham, Khamsaen 37 

Savankham, Viengko 24, 54, 55, 75 

Savory, Jilanne 24, 50, 51, 75, 104 

Savoie, Michelle 24, 52 

Savoie, Nicole 36 

Schiller, Karen 30 

Sergei, Carol 24 

Shaw, John 30, 64, 71, 75, 76 

Sheehan, Jennifer 25, 73 

Sheridan, Tracy 25 

Sidebottom, Paula 15, 76, 77 

Simonelli, Gabriel 36, 62, 63 


Skarani, Glen 15 
Skonieczny, Brian 36 
Skonieczny, Jeffrey 25, 72 
Smeltzer, Rod 31 
Smith, Ginger 
Smith, Kimberly 15 
Snyder, Valerie 
Sottile, Joseph 15 
Spinelli, Lauren 2, 31, 76, 77 
Spinelli, Patrick 25, 76, 77 
Splaine, Chad 36 
Splaine, Ronald 31 
St. George, Jennifer 36 
St. Germain, Steven 37 
St. Laurent, Melissa 37 
St. Pierre, Michael 15 
Stanhope, Betty Ann 31 
Stella, Michelle 15, 52, 74 
Sullivan, Kelly 36 
Sunygop, Yi 37, 75 
Surprenant, Lisa 15 
Szczygiel, Toby 29, 31 
Szczypien, Kim 24, 46, 50 
Tamm, Ivo 24 
Tata, Craig 16, 76 
Taylor, Mark 
Terrill, Mark 30, 49 

Tervo, Tiffany 37 

Thai, Huoi Thi 24 

Thai, Linh Tu 28 

Thai, Nhan 24 

Thai, Phoung My 16 

Theodoss, Aaron 24, 49, 61 

Theodoss, Harry 25, 49, 51, 60, 61, 72 

Theriault, Amy 37 

Thibeault, Jason 25 

Thibeault, Marcy 30, 58 

Thibeault, Michael 25 

Thibert, Laurie 37 

Thibert, Lisa 25 

Thibodeau, Thomas 

Thomas, Joshua 30 

Thompson, Darrell 24, 76, 77 

Tiberii, Dario 

Tiberii, Santino 36, 56, 63, 74 

Torres, Carmen 24 

Torres, Daisy 16 

Torres, Nancy 36 

Tortis, Angelina 30 

Trahan, Karen 36 

Travnicek, Andrew 31, 75, 76 

Tremblay, Christian 36, 63, 74 

Tremblay, Jeffrey 16 

Tremblay, Kenneth 24 

Tremblay, Stacey 31 

Trifone, Rhonda 

Trombley, Steven 16, 48, 49 

Trudeau, Tabitha 24 

Tsongalis, Eudoxia 16, 67, 74, 102 

Tucker, Patrick 16 

Twining, Tara 

Vallee, Kimberly 24 

Vecchia, Dina 36 

Vecchia, Tracy 

Veshia, Joshua 37, 62, 63, 74, 76 

Vincent, Lori 16 

Vizard, Debra 25 

Vizard, Matthew 31, 76 

Waleski, Holly 37 

Wildguess, Lara 37 

Willis, Edith 

Wonderlie, John 16 

Wood, William 31 

Worth, James 37 

Wright, Marc 73 

Zalneraitis, Johanna 25 

Zalneraitis, Rebekah 36 

Zarazinski, Zofia 16, 76 

Zella, Todd 25 

Ziogas, Alexia 36, 76 

Zuidema, Brian 25, 49 




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May your road of life be paved 
with joy and success. 

May the obstacles you encounter 
cause you to excel in your endeavors. 

May you understand that by 

giving of yourself, you receive 

the reward which is life. 

You take with you our hope that 

through you the world will be 

a better place for all. 

Good Luck! 





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of 1987 


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SENIORS . . . 

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Success In The 

Careers Of Your Choosing 

From All Of Us 


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Graduates . . . 

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A Winter Wonderland 

^iff"' V 

The bi-annual Winter Carnival was 
held in February. Competition 
among the classes reached a pinna- 
cle during the week long events. The 
highlight of the week was "The 
Gong Show," which featured a ce- 
lebrity panel of faculty members. 
Participation by members of all 
classes at SHS was the determining 
factor in the success of the carnival 
and all of its activities. 

Pie-eating junior, Kim Renatia shows off a 
mouthful of blueberry pie. 

Above: Members of the freshman class take 
part in snow sculpture competition. Below: 
Gary Hackett and Dan Cournoyer help Randy 
Garneau distract his opponent in the staring 

The sophomore's pyramid comes tumbling 

Senior Linda Kantorski watches as Robin Lebel 
blinks her eyes for the loss. Matt Lazure and 
Matt Vizard observe. 

Singing Into Spring 

Dedication and hard work define 
the Show Choir. The group is com- 
posed of students who were select- 
ed after rigorous auditions. During 
the school year they perform for a 
variety of audiences. 

In May, a trip to Virginia Beach was 
a highlight. The Virginia Beach Festi- 
val of Music attracted 3,500 stu- 
dents who competed. Trophies for 
superior and excellent performance 
were awarded to the SHS partici- 
pants. At the spring concert this 
year, a variety of classical music was 
performed Py outstanding juniors 
and seniors from the area. 

Above: The Show Choir performs "Some- 
where Out There." Below: Gary Peck leads 
the choir. 

Left: Junior and senior members take a 

breather between songs. 

Right: A Chorus Line is performed by the Show 


Above: Members of the class watch as Diane 

Labuda prepares for the beginning of the 


Below: The enthusiastic participants. 

Physics in Motion 


Traditional and innovative vehi- 
cles were designed by members of 
Dr. Mary Cashmon's physic class. 
Combining their knowledge of phys- 
ics with their creativity, students 
were challenged to propel their ve- 
hicle forward in a competition to de- 
cide which would travel the furthest 
distance. Motors, balloons, and elas- 
tic bands were among the tech- 
niques used as propellants. 

Overall, the experiment was a 
success. All who were involved were 
pleased with the project. 

Robert Proulx gives his vehicle a test drive. 

Glenn Skarani positions his model on the track just before the final phase of the experiment 


Weather or Not? 

This 1987 spring season came in 
with a wimper and out with a bang! 
The start of the season was a series 
of rainy afternoons and rescheduled 
games. After a few weeks, the sea- 
son was finally underway. Due to the 
delay of the season, some teams 
were playing up to five games a 
week. Pioneer pride was rising and 

Golf: Front row (I to r): James Robida Chris 
Poirier, Craig Laprise. Back row (I to r): Michael 
Bousquet, Todd Voorhis, Co-captain Tom Ju- 
lian, Co-captain Tye Baker. 

Girl's Tennis: Front row (I to r): Laurie LePage, 
Margarita Fernandez, Captain Julie Morrill, 
Kristin Dunlop, Heather Garland. Back row (I to 

r): Gabrielle Poirier, Becky Ashton, Nicole Ha- 
mel, Jenny Ferron, Karen Plouffe, Coach Ms. 
Carmen Loconto. 

Boy's Tennis: First row (I to r): Jean-Philipe Sain- 

ier. Captain Chris Gosk, Tom Lisi. Back row (I to 
r): Joshua Veshia, Steven L'Heureux, Mark Ter- 
rill, Greg Poulin, Craig Berthiaume, Coach Mr. 
Jim Kane. 

there were many teams in conten- 
tion for the Districts. The Varsity soft- 
ball team started the season strong- 
ly with an 8-0 win over Woodstock 
Academy. They lost their District bid 
to Tantasqua in a heartbreaking 
game. The Varsity baseball team 
started the season with a string of 
losses, but ended the season strong- 

ly with big wins over North Brookfield 
and Tantasqua. The tennis teams, as 
well as the J.V. softball and baseball 
teams experienced a rebuilding 
year. A Border Conference banner 
was won by the golf team, who was 
knocked out of District play in the 
first round. 


Varsity Softball: First row (I to r): Debbie Vi- 
zard, Tri-captain Lisa Ayotte, Tri-captain Linda 
Kantorski, Tri-captain Melissa Rapo, Mary 
Chaplin. Back row (I to r): Coach Mr. Tom 
Kruczek, Scorekeeper Alyssa Ricci, Darcy 
Ceccarelli, Kelley Lambutis, Christina Brown, 
Heidi Martin, Erica Kantorski, Marcy Thibeault, 
Asst. Coach Mr. Ray Bergeron. 

J.V. Softball: First row (I to r): Jasmine Rivas, 
Tina Farland, Alison Bartlett, Co-captain 
Mandi Bruce, Co-captain Jodi Lebel, Kelly 
Brown, Nora Loos, Jessica Rapo, Michele Co- 
lon. Back row (I to r): Coach Mr. Ray Bergeron, 
Lauren Fontana, Nicole LaPorte, Tamara Mur- 
phy, Liana Marcin, Tiffany Tervo, Migdalia Mir- 
anda, Amy Prisco, Arlene Colon, Iveliss Mar- 

Varsity Baseball: First row (I to r): Joel Racine, 
Harry Theodoss, Co-captain John Marino, Co- 
captain Joey Maisano, Jason Cantara, Mi- 
chael Durocher, Ken Curtis. Back row (I to r): 

Asst, Coach Mr. Rick Silver, Rico Giovanello, 
Matt Ferron, Todd Berry, Ed Galonek, Tony 
Osimo, Travis Reilly, Coach Mr. Tony Santilli. 

J.V. Baseball: Front row (I to r): Corey Litch- 
field, Michael Coiteaux, Dean Bruneau, Greg 
Majewski, James May, Scott Peck. 
Back row (I to r): Scorekeepers Tabitha Tru- 
deau and Trade Carmel, Jason Lapriore, 
Gabe Simonelli, John Poswiatoski, John Du- 
puis, Kevin Berthiaume, Ross Guardiani, 
Coach Mr. Rick Silver. 


Spring Action 

Michael Durocher is preparing to rack up 
some RBI's for the Varsity team. 

Above: J.V. Baseball's John Dupuis waits for a 
homerun pitch. Below: Craig Berthiaume pon- 
ders his next strategy during a match. 


Below: Captain Julie Morrill prepares for a vol- 
ley. Right: Tye Baker, of the BorderConfer- 
ence Championship team, drives for a par for 
the hole. 

n v 

Left: The ball is knocked loose as Darcy Cec- Above: Varsity Co-Captain Vinny Marino 
carelli tries to make a tag at home plate, plays the field. 
Above: Varsity tri-captain, Lisa Ayotte, waits 
for the pitch in a game vs. Oxford. 


AGolden Gala Event 

While glasses were raised for a 
welcoming toast made by junior 
class president, Amy McKinstry, 
debutantes bared their legs to be 
adorned with golden garters by their 

As the evening progressed, cou- 
ples danced the night away to the 
music of "Horizons," in the ballroom 
of Mechanic's Hall. At the crest of 
the evening, the senior procession 
took place and the court was cho- 
sen. The court then enjoyed a 
dance with their dates to the prom's 
theme song, "Friends and Lovers." 

At midnight, it was time to go 
home. Couples took each other by 
the hand and left the 1987 prom with 
their wine glasses in hand and smiles 
on their faces. 

Above: King Tony Roscioli and Andrea Lamar- 
ine dance around the ballroom of Mechanic's 

Center: Missy Lazure's garter is placed deli- 
cately on her leg. 


Left: Queen Kelly Heath poses with members 
of the senior court. 

Below: Junior class president. Amy McKinstry 
addresses the crowd with a welcoming toast. 

Members of the Class of 1987 pose as a group for the last time. 

1 >^HH^B 


_Hk* M 

JlSS^m il ImW i 

Queen Kelly Heath and her escort Cory Girard Above: Jill Savary and John Calcagni enjoy a 
pose in the atrium room in Mechanic's Hall. slow dance. 

Below: The camera focuses in on Lisa Clapp 

and Greg Majewski. 


A Time To Remember 

On Class Day, the seniors marched 
into the auditorium and all rose to 
honor the twenty-sixth graduating 
class of SHS. As the procession 
moved onward, encouraging smiles 
were exchanged by seniors and 
there was an air of joy and sadness 
felt by all. A presentation of athletic 
and academic awards was to fol- 
low. It was evident that the Class of 
1987 had united in their final year at 
SHS. Members of the class remi- 
nisced about their high school ex- 
periences. The class will and proph- 
ecy were read. The ceremony 
served as an inspiration to all who 

Graduation was held on the fol- 
lowing Sunday. Although the sky was 

overcast, the spirits of families and 
friends were not dampened. The Re- 
verand Guy M. Judkins delivered the 
invocation and benediction. Saluta- 
torian, Dina Pettinella and Valedic- 
torian, Karen Farrand spoke of the 
meaning of commencement. Spe- 
cial awards were presented by Su- 
perintendent Dr. Kenneth Johnson 
and Principal Mr. Joeseph Bialy. 
School Committee Chair, Mrs. Victo- 
ria Salce distributed diplomas to the 
students toward the end of com- 
mencement. Caps were thrown into 
the air and a feeling of accomplish- 
ment could be felt. 

President of the National Honor Society, Chris 
Proulx reflects. 

Above: Paula Couture presents a segment of Above: Maureen Doyle, Jacklyn Morrissette, Michael Patenaude, and Linda Kantorski stand for 
the future. Below: Margarita Fernandez the national anthem. Below: Maureen Doyle and Dan Carragher wear their NHS cords after 
awaits her diploma Class Day. 


A moment of solemnity finds George Konstantakis and Chris Poirier reminiscing about the past. 

Following the Class Day assembly, Sherrie Cotton, Advisor Anna Mendes-O'Leary, Eudoxia Tsongalis, and Tracy Jacques pose for the camera. 


Left: Graduates await their diplomas. Righl 
Mr. Southbridge. Seaver Rice, presents Danie 
Carragher the Seaver Rice Scholarship. 

Above: Karen Farrand delivers her valedic- Above: Following his John Philip Sousa Band Award, Craig Tata performs. Below: Graduates and 
tory address. choir sing under the direction of Daniel Carragher. 



n the production of this 1987 Southbridge High year- 
book, many changes were undergone to renovate our 
past yearbooks which were beginning to seem "old 
hat." Under a brand new yearbook company Herff 
Jones Associates and under the leadership of our advi- 
sor Ms. Loconto, we were able to use our creativity and 
imagination to mold the Masterpiece that this book has 
become. There were many setbacks during its produc- 
tion, but we learned that if we pulled together as a staff, 
we could overcome any obstacles that stood in our 

At this time the editors would like to thank all of 
those people who participated in the yearbook to make 
it the work of art it is. 


Senior Editors — Maureen Doyle, Darryl Lafleche 
Copy Editor — Christina Brown 
Photo Editors — Melissa Lazure, Alyssa Ricci 
Index Editors — Jeffrey Skonieczny